Sunday, February 21

FINALLY - we made it to Grand Island

After getting snowed out 2 times we finally got to go to Drew and Michelle's last weekend to celebrate Eli's 6th birthday. Here are just a few pictures of the good times we had. :)

boys at the hotel pool - theyr'e a bunch of little fish!

Saturday we went bowling for Eli's birthday party.
here's drew... rolling his suitcase full of bowling balls... YES - there were many jokes made!

9,8,6 and 6 (for a couple more weeks)

love bowling shoes!

Caleb showing how it's done

Dad helping Eli

Drew hel... um - no - actually i'm not sure what they're doing. boys are weird.

Levi - giving it a little lean - hoping to move the ball with his jedi mind force

we had a fun time... but i tell you what - who know bowling was so dangerous?
mom got hurt, Michelle pulled a muscle, it hurt my arm i broke... we were a mess. :) but it was FUN! anything for the kids.
till next time
x0x0 ~Amy


Carla said...

Nice pictures glad that you guys finally made it there and had a good time!

Donna said...

Bowling is fun! Glad you guys had a good time. I love the pic of the bowling shoes!