Sunday, February 21

FINALLY - we made it to Grand Island

After getting snowed out 2 times we finally got to go to Drew and Michelle's last weekend to celebrate Eli's 6th birthday. Here are just a few pictures of the good times we had. :)

boys at the hotel pool - theyr'e a bunch of little fish!

Saturday we went bowling for Eli's birthday party.
here's drew... rolling his suitcase full of bowling balls... YES - there were many jokes made!

9,8,6 and 6 (for a couple more weeks)

love bowling shoes!

Caleb showing how it's done

Dad helping Eli

Drew hel... um - no - actually i'm not sure what they're doing. boys are weird.

Levi - giving it a little lean - hoping to move the ball with his jedi mind force

we had a fun time... but i tell you what - who know bowling was so dangerous?
mom got hurt, Michelle pulled a muscle, it hurt my arm i broke... we were a mess. :) but it was FUN! anything for the kids.
till next time
x0x0 ~Amy

Tuesday, February 16

SuperBowl/Birthday party

We were supposed to try traveling to Drew and Michelle's for the first weekend in February, BUT the weather had other plans for us... so... for the 2nd time - we stayed home.

Staying home allowed us to toss together a quick party. Partly to watch the super bowl, and partly for Jason's birthday. It was a great time. 8 adults and 10 kids. It got a little wild! :)

Matt fed Emma a LOT of cake

Brian and Syver

goon ball
Thane - he's starting to warm up to my camera. :)

I sent Caleb downstairs where the kids were watching a movie - and told him to get some pictuers of the kids. This was the best he got. ha!

Syver was telling me the CUTEST story about what he and his brothers are going to be when they all grow up - but when I pulled out my camera, he wasn't so impressed. :) isn't he cute?

yep, that's my kid! some day he's going to regret these goofy things he does!

Here's all the kids at the end of the night... this is the only picture (out of like 15) where you can see all their faces. :)

Monday, February 15

my other sweet boy...

well, I planned to get this posted the day after the one about Caleb, but my laptop had other ideas. My motherboard was fried... BUT now I have a pretty new laptop and i'm working on getting things back to normal. so here he is...

my sweet baby boy. He's going to be SEVEN in March and I just can't believe it. He's so funny. He makes me laugh more than once a day.

When he was a baby, we were always amazed by his facial expressions, and they're still so funny. He's such a good friend, he cares about people.

His one foot has been giving him some trouble. but x-rays didn't show anything, so hopefully if he just rests a little more it will be better. At school, he's still working on his reading - I love having him read me books.
he's getting ready for his yellow belt test at taekwondo - he does such a good job, but he has a little trouble feeling confident. so we're working on that.

The other day Levi told me that all he wants for his birthday is a blackberry... um, nice try kid, but i don't think that's going to happen. :)

don't you just want to take that dimple and put it in your pocket?

Tuesday, February 9

my babies...

On Sunday there was *almost* some sunshine coming in our front window, and so ... just to torture the boys - I made them let me take their pictures. They loved every minute. Unfortunately, I couldn't get a decent picture of them together, but there's some funny ones ...
Let's start with the big one today...

I'm having a hard time accepting that he's going to be double digits in just a few weeks...
so he reminds me of it every day.

At school he's learning multiplication tables, and starting basic algebra... third grade, and he's almost to the point where his parents will no longer be any help with math. poor kid.

He's decided he wants long hair "just to see what happens", and he needs new glasses. He's informed me that he wants "cool glasses" not sure what those are... but i have no doubt we probably won't agree.

Caleb is growing out of pants and shoes faster than we can afford them, he's past Gram's chin, and he LOVES taekwondo, and is working hard to get ready for his yellow belt test in March.

He's become quite the snow shoveler this winter, which his dad likes. He's getting funnier and sassier... "too big for his britches" grandma Etta would call him.

I guess we'll keep him. :)

check in tomorrow - for the small one.

Monday, February 8

Playing in the snow

goofy kids having a great time in the snow...
goofy mom - had fun playing with photoshop.