Tuesday, May 26

Spring Soccer

Tonight was the boys' last night of soccer for the spring. Mom and dad were here to watch with us, and FREEZE with us. sheesh - it was cold! But the boys played the so well! they both really hustled, and Levi scored a goal! YAY!

Next is T-Ball for Levi.

Monday, May 25

Backyard BBQ

Sunday night we had some friends over to BBQ for the long weekend. Will and Amber brought their firepit and the kids had a GREAT TIME roasting marshmallows. Here's a few of the best pics I snapped. :)

Thursday, May 21

oh...my child...

Levi is such a goofball, the other night while we (ha we, I mean THEY) were planting the garden, he said "ok mommy, you take my picture, and I'll show you my faces" so here they are...

started off pretty innocent and nice

and then oh my... i knew we were in for a ride, but i kept snapping

so, as I'm posting these, I decided to ask him what these faces "mean" so here you go...

this is my "smart, thinking face"

my "you're funny face"
oh! that's my "naughty face"

oh dear! this is "mean!"

"that's my bug eating face of course!"

"i have no idea what that is, but it looks weird"

"that's my i'm sorry and i love you mommy face"

so there you have it. the many faces of levi.

*i think he's got a future in theater, what do you think?

Wednesday, May 20

just a couple soccer pictures

1) it was too stinking hot and windy to be at soccer
2) the boys played at EXACTLY the same time - hard for a mom to watch both
3) I *need* a zoom lens
4) Levi made a goal! and Caleb's team won!

how many pictures can you take of planting a small garden?

evidently if you're me, and you have a new camera FIFTY FOUR! :)
here's just a few. the kids had a great time.

Sunday, May 17

Dinner with the Thomas family

We had the Thomas family over for dinner tonight - kind of spur of the moment - relaxed, easy, simple summer food on the grill dinner, and we had a great time! just relaxing, eating, visiting, and enjoying every SINGLE moment of these adorable girls. so great. God's really blessed us - to be able to be so close to them. i love summer... (sorry, lots of pictures!)