Wednesday, April 22

Just for Sus

When we were home for Easter, *Aunt Sus* informed me how bad I was at keeping my blog updated. :D so here's a quick recap of the last month or... probably more like 3.

love this pic of mom reading to the monkeys

Caleb had his spring concert for school - he did a great job of singing, and he thought it was pretty cool to be up on the fancy stage at the auditorium of the high school.

We got a NEW CAR! well, new to us! it's a 2007 chrysler pacifica. When we started looking for something new, I told Jason I wanted a silver vehicle. and he informed me that when you shop for a used car - you don't shop for color. well! :) it's silver. ;)

Monkeys on Easter morning - spoiled as usual!

and... these last ones are out of order...sorry!
We had a busy birthday season! Here are the boys blowing out the candles at their 'together' party. We went *low key* this year and just had yummy food, ice cream cake and lots of family. It was still a great time.

Poor Levi was REALLY sick on his actual birthday, :( I felt so bad for him, he was quite pitiful. But I think we did a good job of making up for it by celebrating for several days after.

So...there you have it. HA! all caught up!
until next time...

Sunday, April 5

someone forgot

to tell South Dakota that it's SPRING! HELLO!
The snow is so wet and the wind was blowing so hard - that it only stuck to the east side of a lot of things. Looks really weird!