Tuesday, August 11

Camping with the Hales

This weekend we went camping with mom's side of the family at Snake Creek - close to Platte. beautiful location! We had so much fun, and for the most part great weather. (well, except one major storm, but we survived (for the most part)

Jalen went on her first boat ride on "uncle craig boat!"

We played on the slides...weee...

We had a mean beanbag tournament. Laine and Corey won, Drew and Michelle got 2nd, us old folks didn't do so good...

Tuesday, June 16

Rockin' on the Ridge

Our Church had a special event on Sunday afternoon, and it was awesome! we had such a great time! Sadly in the afternoon it poured rain, so they ended up having it inside, instead of outside... but it was still a success. Good friends, games for the kids, and Great entertainment!

Friday, June 12

bringing back childhood memories at the rocket park...

While we were in Huron for the wedding, we took the boys Sunday morning to the "rocket park". They've recently refinished it - and it's all fancy! :) Drew and I played there as kids - so it was fun to have our kids play. Only problem was... IT WAS FREEZING OUTSIDE! :)

lots of pictures...enjoy!

look at my old man...he's still got it! :)
michelle was cold! told you it was freezing!
look at drew's icky hat! BLECH!
no comment...heh...
mom and dad's four adorable grandsons.

even braved a little game of ball while we were there.