Monday, December 29


ok - i'm going to try it again. :)

here's a link.

i posted a 'best of 2008' to get me started on 2009.

Thursday, December 11

Levi's Kindergarden Christmas Program

all those 5 yr stinking cute!

playing their bells

singing I'm getting nothing for christmas

little show off...

Thanksgiving Weekend 2008

not too many pictures from actual thanksgiving day for some reason.
but lots from the day after at the capital and seeing the trees and feeding the geese.
(and yes, i started watermarking my pictures - always better to be safe on the web)

this year's BIG tree was the biggest ever!

is she the cutest thing you've ever seen?

boys got to go on a free wagon ride - they thought that was awesome!

we all decided that we can't remember ever going to feed the geese in shirt sleeves! usually it's dang cold and super windy!