Saturday, November 15

New Bed for Caleb

mom and dad are here - and dad and jason were busy today - lofting caleb's bed so the boys can have their beds in an L shape in their room, and have some more floor space.

so i chronicled their day with pictures. (and as you can tell - they loved it...ha!)

Saturday, November 1

Halloween 2008

Here are a few of our pictures from last night. Great time was had by all. Lots of walking, TONS of candy, and super fun with good friends.

here's Jalen the lion - i got to put her costume on her before she left my house. isn't she ADORABLE? you should hear her roar!

caleb and levi were in GOOFY moods! can you tell?

here we are with Ellie "aka hannah montana" and Ethan the pirate - at the trunk or treat at a church in town. I'm telling you - trunk or treat is the way to go!

here's ballerina Emma - she was cold - but her tutu is under there - trust me. i love her blue eyes!

here's our punkins all a glow... the boys were impressed!

and here we are - right before bed (at almost 10pm) with our haul...seriously - do 2 kids *need* this much candy?