Thursday, October 30

Oct 30th and it's 70 degrees!

it was a beautiful day today! the boys and I and the babies i watch enjoyed sometime playing outside after school. Here are a few shots i took.
first the boys with their pumpkins we carved. Caleb picked a funny face, and Levi picked a cute frankenstein.
then my dear sweet kid who i love...but seriously - i don't know where he gets it - but he LOVES BUGS! today he spent time collecting grasshoppers in the yard (how they haven't all frozen i don't know) so here's a few of the pictures we took. is he cute or what?

and the weatherman says it's going to be just as beautiful outside tomorrow! YAY!

Thursday, October 2

I'm going pink!

yep - i did it last year and I'm doing it again.
my blog's going pink for october!