Monday, August 18

First Day of School

hard to believe it's that time of year already! but here they are...on their way to the first day of school.

caleb - off to second grade

Levi on his way to his VERY first day of Kindergarten.
he was so excited, that it was hard not to be excited for him. although - you can believe that i did shed a few tears about my baby going away to all day everyday school, but i was able to wait until he was out of sight.

can't wait to pick them up at 3:15 and see how it went!

Monday, August 11

not a lot going on...

not too much to report on around here...

winding up our summer and getting the boys ready for school. Hard to believe that my baby is going to be going to kindergarten. but he's so very excited!

i do have some scrapbook stuff to report on. :)

This weekend we had a crop at scrapfreak, and I got some cool things made.
but the thing i'm the MOST excited about is this frame...

I'm really proud of it. it's fun to get so excited about a project.

AND I found out tonight that I won the monthly contest put on by a sb company named scenic route! This is the second time i've won their contest. This time I submitted this...

and I get their new paper line as a prize! YAY!

this next weekend we're doing a mini vacation in sioux falls, and then next monday will be the first day of stay tuned. :)

Monday, August 4

so many pictures of camping - here's just a sampling...

Just a few pictures from our weekend camping with my parents at Ft. Thompson.
we had a great time - wish it was longer! enjoy!

oh - the first 2 pictures are of the guys geocaching - but we didn't find it b/c dad and Jason were too worried about rattle snakes in the tall grass.