Monday, June 30

Dorothy's Visit...

My friend Dorothy is in the states from Japan - and she came and spent five days with me in SD! we had SUCH a great time! a majority of the time, we did mostly NOTHING - but it was still awesome!

seeing the sights of mitchell. :)

"ow! i hit my head on a cow!"
then friday we went to sioux falls and ate out, did a bunch of shopping, and stayed in a hotel before her plane on saturday.

that's a BIG sandwich!

we both love chili's!

Sunday, June 29

twelve years...

can you believe it?


we're watching our wedding video. the boys think it's pretty funny.
some people they say haven't changed at all...

others get a big laugh...

like steve, laine, matty, britt...

they say daddy used to be skinny
and think it's weird that mommy doesn't have glasses on.

and best of all, levi wants to know why he didn't get to dance? poor kid. he's bummed.

Saturday, June 21

it actually feels like summer!

boys had an awesome watergun fight in the backyard today - caught so many great images, i couldn't decide which to post and which not to!

look! there's a mosquito biting his head! :eek:

our boys are extra allergic to mosquitoes, THIS is what happens when they get bit!

Sunday, June 8

summer haircuts...

am I the coolest mom ever or what?

Cale opted for just a regular old buzz. :)
but he's still cute!

Tuesday, June 3

I can't believe it!

I won the card category of the 2nd anniversary contest! :banana: I was SO SURPRISED! I created my card the day they were due, a couple hours before the deadline! I'm so glad that Becky picked my card.

Check it out!

and check out my friend shannon's layout right beside my card! she got honorable mention! CONGRATS SHANNON!

here's my card

and here's my prizes! I got an autographed copy of Becky's new book, and then a ton of loot!

in other news...

pretty quiet here on the home front this week. our boys (and our nephews) are at mom and dad's going to vbs - sounds like they're having a great time!