Tuesday, May 27

memorial weekend...terrible weather, 1 graduation, and a zillion pictures...

the weather for our annual memorial day camping trip was MISERABLE! But we made the best of it.

Sunday we went to Lauren's HS Graduation in Huron - that was fun! Larry has called her "bird legs" forEVER, and so we took the bird theme to a new level. :) gotta love being a part of our family...after all your family helps to make you who you are. :giggle:

and here are some camping/fishing pictures. enjoy!

putting him to work! :)

Dad caught two fish at ONE TIME! too bad they were something icky and they had to be thrown back. :)

this last picture, i believe maybe michelle or drew took? It was taken on Saturday and I wasn't even at the campground. :)

Sunday, May 18

busy weekend, get ready for a lot of pictures!

ok, here we go! We had a lot to do this weekend! FIRST - look at the awesome picnic table my dad made for the boys for our back yard! It's just the perfect size, it's so sturdy, and they love it!

Saturday we had Laine's graduation in Tripp. So we all loaded up and headed down. Poor Jalen, little girl gets no attention, can't you tell? :)

here's our girl at graduation, seems almost impossible to me that our little adorable flowergirl is done with high school and moving on to college at USD to be an awesome teacher. sniff...love you lainer!if you ask the kids, they'll say the best thing about uncle al's house is the TRAMPOLINE! I am not kidding or exaggerating when I say these kids were jumping on this thing for over FIVE HOURS Saturday! I mean seriously? how in the WORLD do they have so much energy? yes, they got several injuries, but mostly they made it out alive. ;)

sheesh, who's kid is that?

yeah, steve is good at encouraging them. ;)

Sunday we had to get a good picture of mom with the boys for a late mother's day picture, but seriously? when you have boys who are 8, 6, 5, and 4 - it's not easy.

then this afternoon (sunday) jason and the boys went to Huron with my dad to the outdoorsman expo thingy. they had a GREAT TIME and I would imagine the boys will sleep WELL tonight!

best thing I learned this weekend?
"if you can't eat a big pickle, then don't take one!" LOVE YOU LAINE! :D

Wednesday, May 7

first soccer game

first of the season
and first ever with my new camera. :)


Tuesday, May 6

check it out!

levi's on the front page of the mitchell daily paper! Practicing for their preschool graduation program!

Monday, May 5

Pre-School Graduation

We had Levi's spring program and pre-school graduation tonight. here are a few pictures. They did the poem "Rumble in the Jungle" Levi was a leopard. he was so cute!

here he is with his teachers

he got a new scooter ( he's been asking for a long time) for a graduation present, and daddy tried to run him over!

and a pic of caleb in his glasses - JUST for good measure. :)

I have been INFORMED...

that my previous blog is lacking in pictures of one adorable flowergirl.
so here she is - not super great pictures

but adorable she is.
(just for you aunt ruth! :))

sorry that some are kind of blurry - lighting in the church was tough.
again - photos by jason. :)