Tuesday, March 25

Easter weekend...

just a few pictures. Enjoy!

ike enjoying some breakfast
the last minute easter baskets that we came up with after forgetting ALL our stuff at home in the closet.

mom and dad and all the grandsons

yeah yeah yeah - i wore a dress...

for two weeks they are 4, 5, 6, and 7

hunting eggs at grandma elaine's

drew got a fishin' pole for his birthday

Wednesday, March 19

couple more from today

2 more of the birthday boy with his new bike - gift from mom, dad, and caleb

and a couple of the cutest baby on the planet. she was SO happy to be outside!

my baby is five...

he's SO excited! he had chocolate chip ego waffles for breakfast
has lunch already planned
picked out his 'birthday clothes'
we need to make snacks for school, and he got string cheese to take to awana
I can't believe he's five...

Monday, March 17

Anniversary party pictures

I LOVE the way my grandma is laughing here!

a couple detail shots

gma & gpa

the card i made I ♥ it!

Friday, March 14

Third Day, Sanctus Real, and Decemberadio Concert

Sanctus Real


Third Day

Mac pulled this kid out of the audience to sing part of "love song" and he was actually GOOD!

love this one

so very fun!

Tuesday, March 11


:D my dad's gettin' a blog!

probably not too much for people not interested in fishing the missouri river in central south dakota, but still. :D

I made him a header - AND I took the picture in the header as well.


love ya dad!