Monday, January 28

two babies!

today was my first day watching TWO babies! I think things went well! (of course, my mom was here helping me and there wasn't too many times where they were both awake at the same time, and then one went home early. :D) but it was still good!

Friday, January 18

new camera

tradition has it - that we do a little photo shoot whenever we get a new camera. this one is no different... today - Caleb was WAY more cooperative than Levi - but...I took what I could get.

they INSISTED on using one of their comforters as the background - i don't love the lines on it...but oh well. :)

Thursday, January 3

holy cow!

I can't believe it - but about a month ago a friend got me to enter a scrapbook contest for a company called Scenic Route - we've been using it for our design team stuff - and I'm LOVING IT! WELL - today we found out that we BOTH won! THANKS JESSICA!

I'm so shocked I can't BELIEVE I WON something!

I entered my halloween mini book that I made for scrapfreak.

so very cool...I'm getting free scrappy stuff in the mail as a prize! yay!

Tuesday, January 1

365 in 2008

one of the things I'm going to work on this year are my photography skills. I'm hoping to get a new camera, and learn to take better photos.

SO...I'm doing a challenge at scrapfreak - and I'm going to try to take and post a photo a day.
you can see it here My Crazy Life... one picture at a time