Wednesday, October 31

Halloween picture taking funness!

WOW! What a busy day! Both boys had lots of fun at school, then they came home with daddy and we saw ALL their candy and junk from school, quick jack-0-lantern pizza from papa murphy's and we were onto our halloween photo shoot with some friends. Then we did some speedy trick or treating then off to Awana. We're all BEAT! but here are some shots from the day...

dinner :)
2 knights - Levi and his friend Ethan

Layla, Molly, and Ethan

Ellie and Ethan
Caleb was totally uncooperative! nerd.

my adorable knight in shining armor. :)

and this is baby Tyler - the little guy I watch - isn't he the cutest! I especially love the last picture!

Saturday, October 20

Two years...can you believe it?

It's been TWO years since I started this blog! HA! What a bunch of NOTHING :D

This is the first picture of the boys I posted - they were 5 1/2 and 2 1/2! Can you believe how little they are?

and here they are TODAY! 7 1/2 and 4 1/2!

SO... in honor of my big anniversary (yes a day late!) I'm going to give out a little prezzie...
I know there are lots and lots of people who read my blog and NEVER leave a comment - so I'll give you a week or so - EVERYONE leave a comment. :) and then I'll have the monkeys draw a name for a winner and I'll send you a little sumthin sumthin :)

Tuesday, October 9

The end of another soccer season...

and boy did I miss my zoom lens this year. :(

but I did get a few cute pictures at the last game last night. Jason sure loves coaching - and now can't wait until spring!

Monday, October 1


October is breast cancer awareness month! So I went pink. :)