Saturday, September 22

pictures...until the camera died.

Camera died at the pumpkin's what I got today before it did. :)

Camera died at the pumpkin's what I got today before it did. :)

Friday, September 21

On the Road Again...

We loaded up our kids and my mom and dad in the van at noon today and were on the road to Ike's 6th birthday party in Grand Island. Loads of fun to have all of us in the van. :) When we first got in today Caleb was whining about his loose tooth being really too lose and bothering him. Well, not but a few minutes later he said - OH! here it is! And his TOOTH WAS OUT! So very exciting! We had to laugh, and I found an empty mint container in my purse, so we put the tooth in there for safe keeping until the tooth fairy can get to us.

he found a new 'use' for the empty spot.

had to make an ice cream stop 1/2 way. :)

Saturday, September 15

I scrapped!


heh - some things I can't show you because they're projects for the upcoming crop at ScrapFreak, but THIS i can show you!

It's going to go in a frame and hang in my scrapbook room - to match the "I heart this face" layout I did for Caleb from the SBLS contest I did (which I won by the way! WOOT!) :)

so it is...

isn't he cute?
I have to tell the story of what happened tonight when I showed him the layout. He had noticed the other day that the layout of Cale was up in the frame, but the other frame was empty. He asked if that empty place was for him. :) So tonight I showed him this and here's the conversation we had...

he stopped in his tracks and yelled,


"I love it! IT'S awesome, NO! It's BEAUTIFUL!"

I said "aw thanks! and do you know where it's going to go?"

he said "oh yeah, in your office in the frame on the wall! LIKE I'M A SUPERSTAR!"

yes, my baby -you're a superstar.

that's it from here for now...
I'm scrapping at the dining room table (yes b/c my studio is so messy i can't hardly get in the door) and we're watching the husker game. :)

Friday, September 14

Soccer has begun...

Last night we had our first soccer game - and it was FREEZING! But they did good and even though we don't keep score...we won 2 - 0! :) The boys are excited to have Coach Jason back next week! (jason's been out of town this week for training) This year they get to play with a goalie - so I caught a few pictures of Caleb ready. :)

gotta give photo credit for this one - levi took it!

Sunday, September 9

The Monkeys meet the Princess

:) The boys started asking the MINUTE they got up this morning - IS TODAY BABY MEETING DAY? They were so excited! So we went to church and Sunday School, then came home and had brunch, made cousin Fredel and Jason some brownies, and made a quick trip to walmart (where of course I picked up an ADORABLE pink outfit. :)) and THEN it was time to meet the baby. They think she's pretty cool.

Saturday, September 8

She's HERE!

And she's a GIRL BABY!

Jalen Valray Thomas
Born: 3:22am 9-7-07
Weight: 7lb 2oz
Length: 19 1/2"
and lots of long brown hair

"Both Fredel and baby are doing well. The doctor ended up doing a C-Section after much effort by Fredel resulted in no baby due to a pelvis that was just too small. We will most likely be at the hospital until Tuesday."

That's from the email new daddy Jason sent out this morning!

Lucky for me we seriously live a block and a half from the hospital! So we went up last night, and I went up this afternoon and got some pictures! We're going to take the boys to meet Jalen tomorrow and they can't wait!

a few pictures of the beautiful girl (and her mohawk! :))

not the best picture...but you can see her mohawk. :)

Wednesday, September 5

Labor day weekend

This weekend Mom and Dad came down and put their camper at Lake Mitchell, and Drew and Michelle dropped Ike and Eli off to spend the weekend while they (D & M) went to lifelight. We had a great time - fishing, swimming, canoing, and just hanging out.

Cool pic of Cale

Ike giving his brother a boat ride

Monday - happy family in a canoe. :) (you can't hear Eli screaming LET ME OUT!)

one is the lonliest number...

my little fisherman

the candy snake mom had that the boys got pieces of for being good

jason took this one out on the canoe. kids are Ike and Caleb

Dad and Ike

Tuesday, September 4

maybe our last day of swimming...

took some kind of cool pictures at the pool today. Nights are getting pretty cold here - pool is FREEZING, this is the last week they're going to be open. We took advantage of the weather this weekend and today to hit the pool. Boys are little fish.

And yes...that is Levi jumping OVER his dad. :)

(and yes, I have pictures to post of this weekend, patience...)