Wednesday, August 29

The boys had a GREAT time - all three of them. :)

their favorite ride they're on there in the middle under the white thing.

the view from the ferris wheel - see the corn palace?

levi liked the bumper cars the best!

Caleb liked this ride where they had to LAY DOWN the best.

Saturday, August 25

Smells like teen spirit...Weird Al

Weird Al

WOOHOO! Jason and I went to see Weird Al tonight at the Corn Palace. What a great show - real entertainment! Over 2 hrs and over 30 costume changes! He did so many songs! The band is great and his vocals are so good - he doesn't miss a beat! SO FUNNY! Brought me back to my HS days riding around in Chad's Bronco. :) so funny... Pictures aren't great - but they're for drew. :)

stay tuned for a tiny video. :)

accordion baby...
smells like teen spirit
Amish Paradise
white and nerdy
encore - see the pretty corn?

Monday, August 20

First Day of School part 3

ok - here are the pictures of them together from after school. Sounds like they both had an AWESOME day! Levi said his favorite thing was - EVERYTHING! :) They read if you give a mouse a cookie, and made paper cookies. And they played red light/green light in the gym, had cookies and milk for a snack. Sounds like fun to me! :)

Caleb said the first day of first grade was good! and NO uncle Drew - no first aid in the first grade. :) He had a good day, liked lunch, had 3 recesses and survived with out his best friend Cole in his class. But they did play together at recess and sat together at lunch. He had 5 words that he has to learn for a 'test' on friday. :) OH and for those of you familiar with Caleb and his kindergarten year. :) he even used the BATHROOM TODAY! ON THE FIRST DAY! WOOT! :)

ok - pictures. enjoy...

First Day of School part 2

Well, here he is. My to his first afternoon of preschool. He's SO excited! he's proud to have his own backpack, and be off to school. Isn't he cute?

and HERE he is holding the cricket that he had in his hand the WHOLE time I was taking the above pictures...sigh...

First Day of School part 1

:) Caleb is off to his FIRST day of FIRST grade. He's so excited to be getting back to school. Both boys were up at 6:45 this morning - kind of early if you ask me, but I guess they were excited!

Here's the pictures of Cale - Levi goes at 12:45 - I'll post pictures of him later.

Tuesday, August 7

Camping day two

day two - the last day. :) more pics - some good, some just for family to see, some just for a good laugh. ;) have a great day!

Monday, August 6

Camping day one

ok - I took TONS of great (yes, I'm bragging) pictures camping this weekend. so I'm just going to post them. ENJOY!