Friday, July 13


The crop I've been planning for ScrapFreak is today!

I gave a little sneak peek of the class I'm doing - here it is...

We'd love to have you crop with us - the freak team has planned some really fun stuff!

Tuesday, July 3

Driving to my parents house...

well, I'm not a big fan of driving, especially by myself with the boys. they tend to be rowdy, and I tend to be sleepy. :) But a couple weeks ago we did the drive up there on our own. so...I decided to snap a few pictures (yes while I was driving!) on the way. *I* think I got some pretty cool ones for a) driving and b) THRU the window! enjoy!

interstate right here outside of town

wanna count the wall drug signs? there's zillions! Free ice water you know! :)

over to Chamberlain by the river. so pretty...

gotta know where you been. ;)

followed this guy for a long time. he drove slow. and he was a boat, camper, pickup combo - hard to pass. he bugged me. :)

cool looking dead tree.
those cows are lookin at us!

this is the wind farm just south of my hometown. currently the biggest one I think in the state - 27 towers. Just to give you size perspective...that 'box' on the top - that's as big as a school bus!

see - I really was driving!

gotta love the landscape of SD...sigh...

there it is! That's how the boys know we're getting close - can see the old water tower, and now can see the new elevator.

TADA! This water tower is in the park just a block and a half from my parents house. right at the swimming pool where I spent many a summer.

the end!