Tuesday, June 26

Baseball in the hot sun. :)

This last weekend we spent Saturday and Sunday watching my cousin Brady (10) play in a baseball tournament here in Mitchell. They did really well! We got to see him pitch, AND we saw him hit a super homerun on Sunday! Our boys thought it was really cool! Here are a few pictures - and I have to give him credit...Jason took the pics. :)

Friday, June 22

Vacation ... Day 4

Last day. :) We had a quick breakfast at the hotel and packed up again and we were on the road! We drove back towards Rapid City and had decided to take the boys to Bear Country. It was really fun - it's a drive through wildlife park. got lots of cool pictures. But LEVI kept wanting to roll down the windows when we weren't supposed to have them rolled down! Then we went back to Rapid, grabbed some lunch and had a picnic at Dinosaur park! The boys thought it was really funny that the Dinosaurs had been there since Gram was a little girl! Back on the road - on the way home - we drove through the Badlands. The boys really thought that was cool! We let them get out quite a few times and hike around. So pretty in such a weird way!

This bear was playing with his toes. :)

only family shot from the whole trip. :)

Boys pretending to be happy in the van.

Levi eating at Dinosaur park

pictures from the badlands.

and THIS is what boys look like after four exhausting days of vacation! :)

well, that's it. :) hope you enjoyed going on vacation with us! And when I say these are just a FEW of the pictures, I'm not kidding! I just ordered TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY FIVE pictures! :)

Vacation ... Day 3

Day three started off early. We packed up at the cabin and went to a little grill place in keystone for breakfast. They have all you can eat pancakes for 99 cents and the guys wanted to try it out and see if they could eat way more than they should. :) They were really good pancakes! And it was weird we ran into a family friend from my parents church in line! Then we started a drive - this day we went by Sylvan lake and Harney peak, then drove needles highway. After needles highway we stopped and had a picnic lunch on the way, then we drove up spearfish canyon and saw some cool waterfalls on the way. Then we stayed at a hotel in Spearfish that wasn't all we wanted it to be, but it was ok. :) Boys swam in the pool and we ordered in pizza and just relaxed..

sylvan lake
the eye of the needle at needles highway. can you see my boys? they're wearing black t-shirts!

Roughlock fallsBridal Veil Falls
photographic proof that I actually went on vacation. :)

caught this shot out the window of the van while we were driving. :) Thought it was cool.

Thursday, June 21

Vacation ... Day 2

Day two started off kind of chilly. And b/c of the one hour time difference, even though we slept in by our time, we were up early. So after some breakfast, the boys (big one included) did some hiking in the hills around to the back of our cabin. They really had fun.

at 10 am we got on the 1880 train and rode from Hill City to Keystone. It was an hour ride and the boys thought it was very cool! We all had fun looking out at the scenery and enjoying the train.

Then we had a couple of hours to waste in Keystone, we got an old fashioned Cowboy picture taken of the boys (yes, I'll post it, gotta scan it first!) And we had some lunch, then we stopped at the taffy store, boys thought it was cool to watch them make the taffy. Got a big bag to eat. yum! And we also went to the fudge shop. :) Then we wandered around and looked in shops and stuff. Then got on the train at 2:00 to go back to Hill City. It was just more than Levi could handle. :)

Next stop was Mt. Rushmore! The boys thought it was more fun than I expected them too! They loved using the viewing machines, and were sad that they couldn't hike up to the top. :)

After Mt. Rushmore, we went back into Keystone and ate at the Ruby House - it was VERY good! Then we went and played minigolf.

I'm pretty sure I won. :) Then back to the cabin to just relax, guys hiked some more, I sat on the deck looking at the beautiful view and looking at a scrapbook mag and talking on the phone a little. :D

Vacation ... Day 1

On our first day of vacation the first thing we did was hit Wall Drug. heh. Jason begrudgingly stopped because I said the boys had to see it. :) They thought everything was so cool! The backyard part, we had free ice water, and they sat on the jackalope and saw the dinosaur.

When we got out to Rapid, our first stop was Reptile Gardens. This was the ONLY reason Levi was excited about vacation, so we decided we should do that first. He was in awe and had a great time. Here's the huge tortoise. When I was a kid you could ride on them, but not any more.

This picture is just for my friend Monica - I know how much she loves birds. :) I thought this one was super cool! It's from the bird show at reptile gardens, this is a king vulture. Boys thought it was really funny.

Levi's favorite part of Reptile Gardens was the Croc Show. He's been telling us all about them ever since! The Croc guy was really funny. The boys used their souvenir money for t-shirts just like the croc guy. :)
stand back ladies...he's mine!
Levi at the discovery center, getting to touch some huge snake. I was creeped out!

boys got airbrush tattoos - they are really cool - and STILL on?!

This is the view that greeted us when we got to our cabin Sunday night.

Here's Levi in the loft of the cabin - boys slept up there, they thought it was REALLY cool!

stay tuned for day 2! :)

Old Settlers...

Before we left for our vacation we went home to Highmore for Old Settlers Days...whee... It actually poured rain for the morning of the parade. Here's Drew all dressed and ready to get on his class reunion float. We didn't make fun of him...much. :)

Elijah was NOT impressed with being out in the rain.

looks soggy eh?

just wrong...shouldn't have to do this to your parade candy!

It did clear off and become quite warm and humid - so the cousins ran through the sprinkler at Gram's house.

(* I'm posting these pictures and the vacation pictures on the small size b/c there are so many of them, but if you'd like to see them bigger, just click on them and that should open a bigger picture!)

Wednesday, June 20

once again...

(yes, we're home from vacation and yes, I'm going to blog it - just gotta sleep first. :))

I made it through to the second round of my scrap contest, and it's time to vote again. You can see the gallery HERE my layout is titled Awesome, and you can vote HERE (only vote for me if you like my layout! There are LOTS of talented girls in that contest!).

thanks. :)

Friday, June 15

teeball superstar. :)

Caleb had his first teeball game Thursday night. Jason wasn't home to see it - so I took some pictures. :) dumb fence. heh.

He hit from the first pitch off the pitcher, didn't even have to use the tee!

doing a 'good job' of paying attention! HA

Thursday, June 14

life without daddy...

sigh...jason's gone for another week of training for his new job. So the boys and I are home holding down the fort. :) We did VBS at our church and the kids had a great time. Caleb went to t-ball tuesday night and has his very first game tonight (there will be pictures :)).

Things have been a bit crazy today...this picture is just exhibit A. sigh...I think I'll take a nap.

Tuesday, June 12

Last pictures from our week at Grandma's

On Sunday before we came home Monday - Jason and Dad and Mom took the monkeys fishing at the river. They caught a few fish (levi will remind you that he caught 2 and cale only caught 1) but none were big enough to keep. I did think to send the camera along - so Jason caught these 2 pictures. :)


Thanks to everyone who voted for me! I moved through to the next round! So...I'll be begging you to vote for me again next week. heeheehee...

for those who didn't see it - here is my layout.

Thursday, June 7

If you wouldn't mind...

I'm stepping WAY out of my comfort zone and I'm doing a scrapbooking contest/challenge thing. It's kind of exciting, and I had a lot of fun creating my first layout.
NOW the voting of who makes it through to the next round is open to the public. :) This is where you come in! *IF* you wouldn't mind taking the time - will you vote for me?
My biggest fear is only having 2 votes. (me and dorothy, cause I made her vote for me)

Here is the gallery where you can see all the layouts - GALLERY

and Here is where you can vote - although I think you maybe have to register before you can vote.

VOTE FOR AMY (if you don't mind)

Wednesday, June 6

spending the week at grandma's

Ike and Eli and my boys and I are all spending the week at Gram and Pop's house and we're going to VBS at their church everynight. The boys are all having a great time spending so much time together - and mom and I are doing...ok. HA! Really we're all fine!
I got the boys to let me take a few pictures yesterday at the park for Mommy 'Chelle. They were having a great time!