Tuesday, May 29

Camping is so much fun!

it was cold, and windy, and I'm sunburned, the kids were dirty for four days and loved it, not too much fishing, lots of eating, bunches of family, a mean game of guys vs. girls goofy golf, some camp fires and way too many smores. :) that's it in a nutshell. here are some pictures!

Thursday, May 24

looking forward to the weekend...

I don't know what you'll be looking at this weekend...but we will be looking at things like this...

Monday, May 21


Today is Caleb's last day of school. I went with his class (and the 2 other kindergarten classes about 60 kids total) bowling. Whew...what a wild time! It was really fun - here's a cute picture from bowling. This afternoon Levi and I are going to pick up Cale from school and then we're going to have ice cream cones to celebrate!

Busy weekend...

We went home this weekend for Dickson's graduation - what a great time! Was so fun to see him graduate and get to hit his awesome party! :) It was also fun to see family and my cousin's new baby and all kinds of fun stuff! The only pictures we snapped all weekend were of the kids helping my mom plant her garden and Jason took a few at the park (oh and I took one FUNNY picture of jason. :)) enjoy!

Wednesday, May 16

More Soccer...

Caleb and Jason's soccer team is doing GREAT this season! Even though (like I said) we don't 'officially' keep score - we're going unbeaten so far! Last night's game was something like 10 - 0! Caleb scored a goal last Thursday when Daddy was gone and then he scored another one last night! He is so excited when he makes a goal - and it's VERY obvious how proud Daddy is too! All the kids on the team really like Jason - it's funny to watch them want to give him high fives and stuff.
2 more games!


Caleb's Spring Program

Caleb's Kindergarten class had a spring program and picnic. So cute! They did a little play of the Little Red Hen, and then they played the bells for 2 songs and then sang a BUNCH of songs! It was last week when Daddy was gone - so we videotaped the whole thing and I took some pictures. Unfortunately it isn't too easy to get good pictures in the commons from so far away. But here are a couple!

He has 2 more days of school this week, then Monday and he's done! He's ready for summer break and so am I!

Saturday, May 5

rain rain go away....

wow. we're having serious weather! SO MUCH RAIN! it's raining in sheets! and now we're in the basement under a tornado warning...whee...

here are a couple of pics.

Thursday, May 3


Tuesday was Caleb and Jason's first soccer game of this season. They won (HA even though we don't keep score) and Caleb did a great job. Fun to watch how he changes from season to season. He has lots of the same kids on the team from last season - so they play together really well. And the game on Tuesday was against the team with Caleb's best friend from school - so that was fun!

I managed to get just one good pic from the game.

but my little blooming photographer Levi managed to shoot about 15 pictures...sigh... but I did think this one is from a cool angle. I just need to teach him how to ZOOM! :)