Sunday, April 29

Practice makes perfect...

WOW! What beautiful weather we are having! It was 86 degrees here today!

The guys went and tried to do some fishing - but couldn't catch anything. So they gave up and came home. When they got home we took a little popsicle break and then went out into the front yard and played some catch. Caleb's going to play t-ball for the first time this year, so good ole Uncle Al got them each a baseball and a glove for their birthdays. Caleb surprised us at what a good job he did! Both at catching and throwing! Levi of course had to be involved too. :) he's such a ham.

Here are a few of the cute pictures I got this afternoon...

Friday, April 27


Sometimes I like to sit and just listen to my boys talk. Today Levi is sick (poor baby) and Caleb had a rough day at school (long story) and so they were both laying on my bed this afternoon and we were talking. Then they got involved in discussing what kind of things they would grow in a candy garden. :)

Levi said he'd have a jelly bean tree, and licorice plants, and m&m's would grow like peas. Caleb said he'd grow peanut butter cups, and m&m's sounded good to him. Caleb also added that there would have to be cotton candy clouds, and gummy worms would crawl in the dirt. :) Then Caleb said that you would have to grow popsicles in the winter time because they would melt in the sun.

I love how great their imaginations are!

Tuesday, April 24


Jason loves it when we have thunderstorms. The other night we had some sever weather going on around us and he was outside watching the clouds. The boys were upset that I wouldn't let them go out in it too. (they were already in their pajamas)

We did end up spending some time in the basement - which the boys LOVED but all was calm in time to head to bed.

Jason did get this really cool picture of the clouds from our back yard though. Just wanted to share!

oh and hopefully you know you're in the right place. :) I changed some things around on my blog a little - and Jason gets photographer's credits for the picture of Levi - it's from last summer.

Monday, April 16

Tough lessons to learn... years old is a tough age I guess. Sometimes we have to learn lessons that are not easy. Caleb seemed to have a day FULL of lessons yesterday.
First lesson. Don't ride your bike in the street! THIS is a lesson he knows well, but for some reason he was possessed to ride right down the middle of our street yesterday and happened to get caught by his dad. THEN he was reminded of a don't lie lesson that he should know well. "LEVI MADE ME DO IT" didn't work with Dad either, so he spent 7 minutes sitting in time out. Which lead us to lesson #2.

Do NOT stick a suction cup to the middle of your forehead...sigh... What this child was thinking I do not know, but he now has a gigantic red mark RIGHT in the middle of his forehead. This morning it dawned on him that he has to go to school looking like a goob with a hickey on his forehead. Hopefully this will be a lesson remembered.

Lesson #3 followed shortly behind, and was followed by ANOTHER reminder that lying just doesn't cut it in our house. This time "Levi made him" crawl OVER the fence in our back yard and INTO the lawn scraps huge garbage can we have from the trash company. WHAT on EARTH they thought was IN that can I'll never know. But we heard Caleb SCREAMING and went rushing out to see what was up. Well, he'd gotten quite the scrape and bruise and sores on his arm. But insisted that Levi FORCED him to climb over the fence and into the can. sigh...

He did also have one positive lesson though. :) Levi and Caleb both got to go fishing for a while yesterday afternoon with Jason. While they didn't catch a single thing - they did learn to put their own minnows on their hooks which i guess was a GREAT thing to do. whee...

Wednesday, April 11

A few Easter Pictures

Well, unfortunately because I was under the weather all weekend I had to depend on Jason to take pictures this weekend, and be honest...there's just not as MANY pictures as I would have taken. :) but that's ok. there are still some cute ones.

Levi got new sunglasses in his easter basket! They have sharks on the bows.

Caleb has been talking for a long time about how he wants to try a snorkel :)

Here they are in their ADORABLE easter outfits. :) oh - and notice Levi's adorable (not) black eye from where his brother kicked him...sigh...

My good excuse...

Sorry I didn't blog about easter right away. We had a great weekend, but I was sick the WHOLE time. I've had an awful sore throat and some sinus crud that just wasn't fun. Man...swallowing is one of those things that you really don't appreciate until you can't do it with out PAIN! But I went to the Dr. Monday and got some huge pills to take and am on the upswing now. :) Now just to hoping that none of my guys get sick!

For my picture with this post. I'll show you what's happening in my backyard RIGHT NOW. It's been snowing since yesterday noon. I'm very tired of it. WHERE IS SPRING?

Tuesday, April 3

My Baby is SEVEN!

Hard to believe. Seven seems so very old!
Caleb had a busy day - he took snacks and show and tell to school (he took his new lantern from the cousins) and for snacks he took cookies. Then he picked alfredo and garlic bread for dinner (no surprise from the carb kid).
The crown is what he got to wear all day at school!
But I'm pretty sure the BEST part of his day was when his *friend* Emily called to tell him happy birthday. Caleb and Emily have been friends since Emily was born and Caleb was still growing in me. :) They had as good of a talk as 2 seven yr olds can have. Caleb smiled and blushed the whole time.
Then we had a couple presents - computer game and a basketball to go with his new hoop and he was a happy kid. They had left over cake and ice cream and even got to stay up a little later than normal for a school night.
The last picture is him at the time he was born - 7 years ago - 10 lbs 2 oz...sigh...long time ago. :)

Monday, April 2

Ladies...your ship has come in!


gotta love it!

Happy Birthday my baby brother! LOVE YOU!

Weekend 'o' Fun continues...

One of the most AWESOME parts of our weekend is that we have been able to spend time with Marc and Tina and their kids. They are home safe after being evacuated from their home in Africa. We weren't expecting to see them for another year and a half or so - so it's such a blessing to get to see them and the kids and how they've grown. It was great to watch the kids pick up together SO quickly after not seeing each other for so long.

We went to Sioux Falls and stayed in a hotel with them. The hotel had this AWESOME pool! Here's a picture! The kids swam SO MUCH they were all tired.
what a great weekend!

Pirate Palooza...

as Michelle has lovingly termed our HUGE birthday party weekend we just had. I'm so glad that it's over. :) But I think it was a great time! Boys had a great party and they are so blessed with so many great relatives and friends. Thanks to everyone who had a part in making it such a great time!

Here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure. :)

the AWESOME pirate we borrowed from Aunt Sus! The kids thought it was so cool. Boys posing in their pirate shirts on.

Here you can see the pirate treasure map cake that my super great Dad decorated! THANKS DAD!