Tuesday, March 27

Scrapping when I don't have time...

In the middle of all my spring cleaning/birthday party cleaning and preparations... I found time to scrap a little this morning.
Dorothy and I are helping our friend Monica start a new scrapbooking website called ScrapFreak and we're SO excited! The Freak is a great place for friends and inspiration and challenges and all kinds of things.
Well, every week Dorothy, Monica, and I are going to be doing some challenges. Monica's going to cover scrapbooking challenges, Dorothy photography challenges, and me? well, I guess I'm doing stamping and cards and stuff! So...the scrapping I did this morning quickly was a scraplift for the challenge. I like the way it turned out! Just thought you'd want to see. :)

ok. now I have to get back to work! :)

Monday, March 19

Birthday boy...

Here he is! I think he had a great day!

Birthday Boy - FOUR YEARS OLD!

So hard to believe that my baby is four years old! But here he is...at exactly the time that he was born. He has the whole day planned. He had muffins and yogurt for breakfast, at 8:53 am we took his birthday pictures at the time he was born. He's wearing his favorite dinosaur shirt and he's been watching tv and playing with legos. For lunch we're meeting Daddy at Dairy Queen with NO CALEB which is HUGE for Levi! :) This afternoon he's going to help me make brownies for his birthday dessert. He got to pick what we're having for dinner - we're having tacos and nachos and brownies and ice cream for dessert. We have a couple small gifts that he'll get to open later, and that will be the birthday! He's gotten some birthday cards in the email from Gram and Pop and he thinks that's the coolest thing ever!

here he is!

Monday, March 12

WHAT a difference a WEEK makes!

Believe this? honestly this is the SAME yard as in the pictures from a week ago! It was in the high 60's today! Craziness...

Saturday, March 3

Saturday's Snow Report...

Amazing news is the SUN IS SHINING! It's SO bright after four days of clouds and blowing snow and lack of visibility! The wind did amazing things to the snow yesterday and last night. There are places where you can see grass and sidewalk thru the snow - right beside six foot drifts! Across the street the snow is stuck to the neighbor's siding. Some places the drifts are rounded off just like sand dunes! It's very cool. enjoy...

our front sidewalk to the west
looking down our street to the east

J's boss' house. (next 2 pics)

our back yard - look at the grill and the basketball hoop!

j's car parked in the driveway

our sidewalk to the east where you can see the sidewalk!

Friday, March 2

so...obviously we don't have a lot to do...

well, when you're snowed in for 2 days not much to do except be amazed at the huge piles of snow...

our AC unit east side of our house

today's grill picture. :)

Jason in the backyard drift!

Driveway almost as tall as Jason's car!

the next 2 pictures are Jason's boss' house across the street. They're gone for the weekend.

Our neighbor's AC unit and east side of their house.

Thursday, March 1

in case you're keeping track...

here's some pics that show how much MORE snow we've gotten.
They just said we have gotten 18 inches in the last 2 days - and we already had about 6 inches on the ground from last weekend. Now the wind is blowing and we still could get more snow. They've already called off school for tomorrow and we'll see about Jason's work in the morning. whee...

how deep it is on the sides of the driveway where it's been cleared several times.

by the west side of the house - the neighbor's air conditioner unit is under there somewhere.

you can compare the grill to yesterday - and that's under the porch roof!