Thursday, January 18

One More Non-Christmas Thing...

Jason had a three day weekend this last weekend, so we decided to take on a project. We painted our bathroom. :) It was fun!
Here are some before pictures....very blah...

The boys really thought that they needed to help out in the work, so we let them paint a little. Luckily it got pretty boring pretty quickly for them.

And here's the finished product. I love it - I love the brightness of the WHITE trim instead of the dirty offwhite that was there before, I love the new light/fan that Jason put up, nice to shower in the light! and I love the blue! I might look for a different shower curtain now, something a little lighter, but I don't know. Now I'm on the hunt to get some stuff to fill up the walls. Some things for the shelves, a clock, and I don't know what else. :)

Friday, January 12

tiny break from Christmas...

ok - I'm going to still catch up on Christmas - but I have to post THIS first.

Levi decided today that I don't have enough to do all day long. SO he decided to GIVE me something to do...

I kid you NOT the child thought it a good idea to LAY on his SILLY PUTTY while he was watching tv this afternoon. It was NOT a pretty sight. The poor kid has a huge glob of blue stuck to the back of his head!

I quickly called Jason and he suggested googling what to do - thank goodness for the internet! Did you know if you spray silly putty stuck to hair with pam cooking spray that it will come right out? Well, it does...sigh... This child is going to be the end of me...

here's the before and after. :)

Monday, January 8

Moving on to the Hales...

Mom's side of the family I guess I got a little more control over the camera...I have a few more "christmasy" type photos.

The boys were VERY impressed to find out on Christmas Eve that Great Grandma Elaine KNOWS Santa and he stopped by for a little visit and to bring the kids some candy even though it was his busiest night of the year!

Kassie wasn't so sure about Santa, so she had to have mom help her! Danelle was thrilled as you can see!Dawson thought Aunt Peggy was pretty funny when she was playing with his bare little toes. He is one of the funniest kids I have ever seen! His facial expressions are priceless, and look out that kid can THROW!

You always know when Uncle Al arrives. All the kids start jumping up and down and Al and Steve work as hard as they can to get the kids ALL WOUND up right before it's time to send them home to bed.

And it wouldn't be a trip to Grandma Elaine's house with out her spoiling the great grandkids and giving them "just a little" ice cream Who CARES if it's 10:30 - no biggie! It's CHRISTMAS!

Grandma Elaine with all of her Great Grand kids - l to r Dawson almost 2 (Heath and Danelle), Caleb 6 1/2 (me and J), Grandma, Kassie 4 (Heath and Danelle), Eli almost 3, and Isaac 5 (both Drew and Michelle's), and then Levi 3 1/2 (me and J)

Christmas with the Kerrs...

We were together with Dad's side of the family a couple of different times over the Christmas weekend. For some reason it seems that either Jason or someone else was always in charge of my camera and I have some um...interesting...shots. heh. oh well. I do really like this one of Matty and the one of Matty, Lauren, and Dani on the sofa at grandma's with the laptop and watching tv pretty much sums up our time at grandma's. :) And who doesn't love a picture of Dani eating? told you they were 'interesting' pictures!

Christmas at Home

Ok, I'm dividing all our Christmases up into different posts. So I will start with our Christmas here at our house. The boys were very excited and could hardly wait. :) It's so fun to watch them get excited about what they have gotten each other and what they are giving Jason and I. We have a family tradition of going out to eat so that J and I don't have to cook OR clean up. :) So we did that and then I finished a little last minute shopping for J and we headed home.

We got the cameras set up and put some charlie brown Christmas music on the cd player... The boys ripped things open as fast as they could. Caleb was really surprised to get his video game.

And Jason and I gave them each a little digital camera which was a big hit! They went crazy taking pictures of everything they could.

As this last picture so DELIGHTFULLY shows...Jason was VERY surprised at his gift! We got him a GPS and it's now his favorite little toy! He and the boys are going to start geocaching. Which they're excited about!

The guys did a great job shopping for me as usual - I got some great scrapbooking and kitchen stuff AND Jason got me a great red sweatshirt that I'd been asking for - guess he got the hint! ;)

Friday, January 5


just so everyone's caught up - I'm trying to catch up on all that we've done the last 2 months - so I've posted quite a few blogs in a row...the first of the new ones is titled 77º on November 7th. That way you don't miss anything! :)

Our Christmas Trip to Nebraska...

Well, Caleb wasn't feeling super well, but we'd committed to going to Nebraska for Jason's family Christmas so we headed out anyway. Thursday night (Dec. 14) we drove as far as Norfolk Nebraska and stayed in a hotel that night. Jason had to work until 5:00 so we didn't want to drive the whole way in the dark. Stopping in Norfolk was fun, we picked up pizza and drinks from Sonic and went to the hotel and ate in the room and watched Survivor. Then we swam a little - that was fun because we were the ONLY people in the pool!

We got up Friday morning and headed out early to visit Jason's grandma Lea at the nursing home where she lives in Milford NE. We got there in time to have lunch with her and spend some time visiting. The boys were so very good and even both performed a little for her (Caleb did a song from his school Christmas program, and Levi said his poem from the Church program). She had little gifts for them and they enjoyed that.

After that we were OFF to Omaha. Our first stop was to visit at Deaf Missions (where Amy worked while we lived there) it was SO fun to see all my old co-workers, and to see Matt now that he's back from Romania. Matt gave us a tour of their new HUGE building addition - the boys thought that was fun! After DM we made a stop to visit Chad and Glory (a former co-worker at DM and his wife who was a friend of Amy's from college) and their three kids and see their new house! Lots of quick visiting catching up. Then we went to Spagetti works with Jake and Cari (college friends) and had a great time catching up and reliving old times.

OH! and unbelievable - when we checked into our hotel in Council Bluffs - we had been given a HUGE suite! It was so big! Vaulted ceilings, a fireplace, FOUR beds, and a huge bathroom! We couldn't believe it! Drew and Michelle and boys had already planned to come the next day to hang out with us - so I quickly called Drew and informed him that we had PLENTY of room for them to sleep! So they drove over and we had a sleepover! SO FUN!

Saturday we had lunch with Matt and got to meet his lovely new wife Beti. More great time catching up and visiting. Beti is so cute and it was great to get a chance to know her since Matt has been such an important part of our lives!

Then Sunday it was off to the Gebhard Family Christmas. Lots of people, lots of visiting, lots of food and lots of gifts. Our children were SPOILED! and unfortunately we learned what happens when you give a 3 yr old a stuffed monkey toy AND a dart gun at the same Christmas never gets old. :)

so that's our trip in a VERY large nutshell! Was great to see everyone! :)

Moving on towards Christmas

ok - still catching up! :)

Two pictures I want to share in this post - first is a picture of Caleb performing in his Kindergarten Christmas Program. NOTHING cuter than a Kindergarten Christmas Program! :) I think they were being reindeer in this specific shot! Kind of far away and hard to get a good picture - but I had to include it anyway!

Then the other picture is one of the MANY I took in an attempt to get a good Christmas Card picture. I don't want to spoil the fun for some people, because I still have a few cards to send out - so I'm just posting one of the MANY outtakes. :) they're goofballs!

Wednesday, January 3

Decorating our Tree

When we got home from Thanksgiving it was time to decorate our house. Jason was smart and had already put up the lights on the outside of the house on one of the really nice weekends we had in November. So we got started on the inside. The boys always love getting out all the ornaments and hearing where they came from and what they are and helping put them on the trees. yeah...trees...we have 2 trees! I'll post actual pictures of them later. But for now - enjoy the decorating...especially my husband stuck behind the tree. (don't worry, I helped him out, I just had to take a picture first!)

Trees at the Capital

Long standing tradition for the fam to travel to Pierre the day after Thanksgiving to see the Christmas tree display at the State Capital building. First we stopped by capital lake to feed the geese. For people who don't know - there's something about the lake where it has natural gas and so it stays warm all winter long. So the geese FLOCK to the lake - seriously like zillions of them. The boys walk around chanting "look out for the goose poop!". One even got quite up close and personal with Levi!

Then it was inside to see the trees. They were huge and beautiful as usual! The boys favorite tree was decorated all with Cars ornaments from the movie "Cars".

Family photo by one of the bigger trees.

Boys had trouble focusing on having their picture taken. They were too busy.

Grandma Elaine and Grandpa Les standing by one of the huge trees.


For Thanksgiving we traveled up to Highmore to my parents' house. Lots of food, lots of family, and lots of laughing just like always. They played the traditional Thanksgiving Family Football game in the yard. It was kind of chilly, but not too bad. *Some* people might be getting a little old, but we try not to point that out! :)

And just incase you didn't know - Girls kick butt as usual! :) This is Fredel blowing past Steve for a touchdown I think. (or maybe he tackled her even though it's *touch* football. :))

Super fun for ME was to get all t he girls around mom's table and I brought along a big bag full of my stamping stuff and everyone sat and made Christmas gift tags. Even Kassie got to help her mom - it was really fun! and they are all SO creative!

(left to right Jenna (back of her head), Laine, Fredel, Mom, Kassie, and Danelle)

Tuesday, January 2


ok. SOME people (coughDOROTHYcough) have no patience and don't understand how busy I've been! and have been WHINING about getting me to update my blog. so here you go...I filled up the front page. and will try to do so again and again until I'm all caught up. WHICH will take quite a while, BUT I've taken some really great pictures and we've done some really fun stuff so I don't want to skip over anything. ENJOY!

and since she's whining - I'll plug her blog here too...she's taking some AWESOME pictures and started a new photography blog - check her out...she's a great friend. Love you D!


Sammy and Isabella

One more trip to the park! :) This time we got to have Sammy and Isabella go with us. (well, their mommy Heather went too!) They're moving away from Mitchell to Nebraska, so it was fun to get to have one more play date before they go! I have to admit, I had SO much fun photographing Izzy that I almost forgot about the boys. HA! Isn't she cute? She was OBSESSED with eating the sand!

(this was also the day I DROPPED my camera! IT was not good. Fortunatly all that's broken is the door that holds the battery in place, and so far a piece of packing tape is holding it shut until I can get a new door ordered online.)

2 Purpose Trip to Sioux Falls

Another beautiful November weekend! Hard to believe that it was so nice. We went to Sioux Falls for 2 reasons this weekend, we went to go out to Riverside to get our Big Real Christmas tree. As always they had a beautiful selection and it was so hard to pick one tree. We decided on a Black Hills Spruce - smells great! Each boy got a turn at running the saw. Pretty exciting stuff when you are 6 and 3!Then we met Grandpa Ray at the Butterfly house. We'd never been there before. WOW! It's so cool! Warm temperature! But still very cool. The boys had a GREAT time identifying all the butterflies - Levi wanted one to land on him so very badly, but none did. He moves too much! Jason had a great time snapping LOTS of pictures. I'll only torture you with a few. HA!

77º on November 7th!

What beautiful weather we had. The boys and I took advantage of it and hit the park as soon as Levi and I picked Caleb up at school. They had so much fun! Park is always a good kodak moment!