Saturday, December 29

just a little "good morning" for ya...

this morning we will be dining on grandma elaine's SUPER AWESOME CHRISTMAS TWISTY ROLLS...thought you'd like to drool...

Wednesday, December 26

Tuesday, December 25

Christmas Morning!

here's a few pictures from this morning!
Cale woke up at 6:45 but we put him in bed with us and got him to sleep until almost 8 when levi got up! woohoo!

rollerblading AND shooting - looks dangerous to me!

I think we've lost him!

more later!

Monday, December 24

Christmas Eve

Here are a few pictures from tonight! Since we can't travel b/c Jason's on call - we had friends over to our house after Church and we had a great time!

here's molly (1) when she got caught getting into the crackers before supper.

um, ya think levi enjoyed his spaghetti?

after dinner the kids put on their jammies and watched a movie in the basement

Caleb and Levi with their goodies for santa - cookie, candy, and carrots and broccoli for the reindeer. Levi insisted on putting a cube of ice in the milk so it wasn't nasty when santa got here!

here they are by the tree with their new jammies on.

now I'm heading to bed. I'm TIRED!

Wednesday, December 5

oh Christmas tree...

here they are!

The small tree in the family room is decorated with all the boys' stuff...and fruitloops. :)

And the front room tree is our real tree, smells SO GOOD, and is decorated in a bunch of our favorite stuff...

Saturday, November 24

Seeing the Trees

Yesterday we went on our family traditional shopping trip to Pierre the day after Thanksgiving, and then up to the Capital to see the trees and feed the geese, then out to pizza hut.

Just a couple quick pics from the trees - I don't know WHAT was into Caleb but EVERY picture I have of him is TERRIBLE! punk. :)

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, November 17

November Design Team Projects for ScrapFreak

Here are all the projects I did for November for Monica at Scrapfreak! Lots of fun goodies to play with!

Wednesday, October 31

Halloween picture taking funness!

WOW! What a busy day! Both boys had lots of fun at school, then they came home with daddy and we saw ALL their candy and junk from school, quick jack-0-lantern pizza from papa murphy's and we were onto our halloween photo shoot with some friends. Then we did some speedy trick or treating then off to Awana. We're all BEAT! but here are some shots from the day...

dinner :)
2 knights - Levi and his friend Ethan

Layla, Molly, and Ethan

Ellie and Ethan
Caleb was totally uncooperative! nerd.

my adorable knight in shining armor. :)

and this is baby Tyler - the little guy I watch - isn't he the cutest! I especially love the last picture!