Tuesday, October 31

lots of halloween goodness...

oh my boys had such a day! We visited daddy's work and they got loaded with candy. We got pizza from papa murphy's and they had out COOKIE DOUGH to kids in costume. They walked the neighborhood and have more candy that two kids can eat (good thing they have nice parents willing to help!)...AND it's FREEZING outside! brrrrrrrrrrr...
Here are a few pictures for your viewing enjoyment.

and um, we're still working on getting the eyeliner mustaches off. :)

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In South Dakota you have to be creative with warming up your halloween costumes. BOTH boys had long underwear on and extra t-shirts. Levi also had a stocking hat UNDER his conducter's cap. Caleb has long underwear AND slicky pants on under the costume pants and a long sleeved t-shirt AND a sweatshirt under the costume shirt - and then a headband ear warmer thingy under his hat as well. They were NOT impressed when we made them put on coats! But it's FREEZING OUT THERE!

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Monday, October 30


and that's what I did. Last Friday Caleb had off school so Jason took a vacation day and we just enjoyed the day. We headed over to Sioux Falls with no agenda other than to do a tiny bit of shopping, some eating out and have a whole lot of fun.

Well...we did it all. We shopped some - mostly me at scrapbook stores, but didn't actually buy much. We ate - GOOD! We had the spicy pickle for lunch - which is becoming my favorite place to go. (really good panini sandwiches) and we had dinner at cici's pizza. Jason's new favorite place to go - and I THINK Caleb's too.

Jason was amazed, but I didn't even take my camera. I just enjoyed a great day with my guys.
We even took the monkeys to the park.

I marveled at Levi and how big he is. I giggled when he kicked his foot and his SHOE went flying down the slide. I cringed when Caleb was climbing as high as he could in the tower and Levi followed him. I shook my head when Levi had to have help getting down. I laughed when Jason spun them around and around on the tire swing AND laughed when an almost green faced Caleb had to get off or "barf" and all the while Levi begged for more. I enjoyed my boys being boys and watching their daddy chase them around the playground. I was amazed and scared at how high Caleb can climb on the jungle gym thing. I LAUGHED (probably a little too much) when my not so young husband went down the bumpy slide and Levi asked him "daddy, did that hurt your behind?" I wasn't behind the camera. I wasn't TRYING hard to remember every moment and every word said so I could put it in a scrapbook. It was nice. Sometimes I need to do more enjoying and less recording I guess...
it was fun.

but you I must tell you about CiCi's pizza. I thought Jason was going to "Woohoo" when he found out they built one in Sioux Falls and again when he found out that Levi eats for free. Levi was giddy over all the choices of pizza. BUT Caleb finally met his match at CiCi's. There it was on the buffet - seemingly JUST FOR HIM...it was...

MACARONI AND CHEESE PIZZA! no lie. I swear I think he heard angels singing. It was the best moment of his life. My little carb/starch loving child... He had FOUR pieces of pizza, THREE cheesy breadsticks, TWO servings of squiggley noodles with alfredo sauce, a brownie and a cinnamon roll... (Matt Keller - somehow I really believe you are responsible for this. I don't know how - but I know it was you!)

where does he put it all?
we were full and happy. It was a GREAT day!

Monday, October 23

Update on Stuff...

Well, things are MUCH better than when I last typed. Sometime when we have this all figured out - I'll type about it. No one was sick, nothing super bad - just a "legal" kind of mixup that caused lots of stress and lack of sleep last week. :)

THIS week - is going to be busy! Today - lots of house cleaning. Tuesday - Tastefully Simple party at my house. yum-o! Can't wait to have friends over and EAT... Wednesday - Bible Studay and Awana - it's funny hat night at Awana - I'll be sure to get a pic of Caleb. Thursday - Caleb's last day of school for the week, He has a Fall thing at school that they can wear their halloween costumes to, AND it's the Trunk or Treat at the middle school - so I think we'll check that out! Then FRIDAY Caleb's off school, so Jason's taking off work and we're going to Sioux Falls! WOOHOO! I plan to do some scrapbook shopping, maybe a little Christmas shopping, some fun eating out, and who knows what else! :)

So yeah...not much interesting to report. But we ARE doing better! Thanks for the prayers! And there will be lots of pictures coming up! Stay tuned...

oh - and my 5 things a day - I'll do 5 for this weekend!
1. Kids and I had a great time at Laine's Volleyball Tournament Saturday!
2. Got lots of things accomplished around the house - feels good!
3. We went out to eat at Ruby Tuesday with my parents and grandma Saturday night!
4. I got a nap yesterday afteroon.
5. Levi told me that a scrapbook layout I was working on was "just beautiful Mommy!"

Wednesday, October 18


I can't go into detail right now - be we have some stressful stuff going on - If you would - we'd appreciate prayer. For wisdom and patience and ...


really, I don't even know what else.
All things though Christ who strengthens me right?

I have been inspired by a couple of friends (Dorothy and Monica) - to list every day 5 good things that happened that day. Today I need that more than ever so here we go.
1) I had Bible Study with my great group of women who encouraged me.
2) I made DELICIOUS stirfry for dinner.
3) My adorable husband made me a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch.
4) I got a shower today. (hey, when you're a mom - sometimes that's a miracle!)
5) Caleb started awana today and loves it, and Levi and I spent the afternoon snuggled in my bed reading books. sigh...they're adorable.

more soon - I promise!
Love you people!

Tuesday, October 10

Some Random Stuff...

This weekend was fun. We "swapped work" with my folks. First we went to Highmore on Friday. Kids played outside all day Saturday and Jason helped my dad do a bunch of work on his building. They got all four windows in! It is really looking great. The guys come to do the cement work today. The boys are already making plans to ride bikes, drive remote control cars, rollerblade, and play basketball in there. :)

Saturday it was so fun to watch the boys play on my parent's propane tank in their backyard. Drew and I used to spend SO much time playing on that thing. It was a horse, a covered wagon, a boat, a pirate ship, a race car - you name it. Just fun to see the boys doing the things I used to do. :)

We also squeezed lots of family visiting in as well which is always fun.

THEN on Sunday after Church and a little more work - we ALL loaded up and headed to our house. We stopped along the way and saw Fredel and Jason's new house. That was fun!

Here at our house Jason and my dad worked on several projects. They put a new sump pump in the basement and put a piece of rain gutter on the house where it didn't have any. Hopefully these two things will help our water in the basement problems.

Unfortunatly - after ALL that work on his building with NO injuries (well, Jason's stitches - but no injuries to my DAD!) my dad broke his finger putting up my stupid rain gutter yesterday. Pinched it with the rivet gun or something like that. Whatever he did it was sure hurting him. I felt SO BAD!

To finish up the long weekend Caleb had a soccer game last night. Mom had seen him practice once, but dad's never made it to a game. Caleb was SO excited to have them there. Even though it was FREEZING - we had fun. Caleb scored another goal! Making it four for the season so far I think! Hard to take pictures with my gloves on. :) But I did snap this one...

Busy week this week - Jason's going to be out of town a bunch of days for work, Caleb has another soccer game TONIGHT... But we'll make it. Nothing planned for this weekend other than some work around the house!

Monday, October 2

My Kitchen

Dorothy inspired me today to blog about my kitchen. There is SO much stuff in my tiny kitchen that means SO MUCH to me.

The walls are yellow...very pale yellow. We painted before we moved. J wasn't sure about the yellow - but he agreed. :) We got brand new appliances when we moved in here - they're stainless steel and black. My NEXT idea for the kitchen REALLY scared Jason. I wanted RED cabinets. They were already painted. Kind of an ugly cream dirty looking color - and I already have a bunch of flag stuff for my kitchen. He finally surrendered and RED IT WAS! IT took him FOREVER to paint them - like primer and then four or so coats of paint! But the finished result is BEAUTIFUL!

Now for all the meaningful things...first - is the enamelware aka speckleware. This is the blue stuff up above the cupboards. These belonged to Jason's mother. I'm so thankful that Tina let me keep them. I think they're beautiful up there! Then up there are several other miscelanous trinkets from here or there.
The window is another special place. I LOVE hanging those pictures like that - I got that idea from my good friend Faith in Iowa. The copper jello molds above the window were one of the only things Jason wanted from his grandmother's kitchen. They're really old and they get LOTS of funny looks. :) Then the "curtain" I did that using some of the dish towels that Jason's grandmother had embroidered. I just thought they went with the kitcheny theme of my kitchen.
so yeah...there it is. The kitchen pictures you've been waiting for. :) Just pretend that you CAN'T see the few things that aren't put away and the few dirty dishes!!!!!