Friday, September 29

A weekend in Nebraska!

Last weekend we headed to Grand Island for the weekend. We traveled with mom and dad for the first time. Worked out pretty well. It was Isaac's 5th Birthday. So very hard to believe that he's FIVE years old! Saturday we went to the pumpkin patch in the morning. The boys had GREAT fun even though it was kind of cold and rainy. We tried to get a picture of them all together, but they were kind of preoccupied. This was the best we got!

AND - since I seem to have kind of a tradition of posting the most embarassing pictures I can of Drew and Jason - how's this one? Can you believe they LET me take it? They're softening in their old age I think!
Sunday we took a bunch of family pictures for mom and dad's 35th anniversary and hopefully for Christmas Cards. Was kind of fun and the boys were VERY well behaved. No troubles - well, except for the goose poop. :)

Wednesday, September 20


Well, Monday was our first soccer game of the season. It was FREEZING cold outside - about 50º out, 20 mph winds, and a windchill in the 30's somewhere. Levi and I had our gloves and coats and an umbrella (oh yeah, it was misting as well). We were ready to go.

Caleb's team did a great job! Even though we don't keep score... ;) we won 4-0 and CALEB made the first goal for his team! WOOHOO! He was so excited! Jason does such a great job of treating all the boys the same - but *I* could tell he had a little extra woohoo when it was his kid scoring the goal! :)

Because it was so freezing, I didn't take too many pictures (hard to run the camera with gloves on). but here's one I caught of Caleb's team running off the field at halftime!

There's another game tonight, and they're predicting RAIN - so that should be fun. :)

This weekend we're off to Grand Island to celebrate Isaac's FIFTH birthday! I'm sure there will be lots of pics when we get back!

Friday, September 15

Coach Daddy...

I love soccer season. I didn't notice the transition from young cool fun exciting mom, to not so young, grey hair, not so cool, van driving, SOCCER MOM...

but it happened. :)

I'm sure in the next few weeks you'll get lots of soccer pictures. Caleb's playing again. Levi's pouting again because he's not old enough. I'm following along with my camping chair and camera. We all look forward to soccer. Gets us out of the house. Keeps us super busy. BUT none of us look forward to soccer like Coach Daddy.

I'm serious. Jason LOVES being coach daddy! Just look at him with all those Kindergarteners...ELEVEN of them.

He makes them run laps (while he chases them). He teaches them the fundamentals of HOW to kick a soccer ball. Yells DON'T USE YOUR HANDS about 1000 times during one 1/2 hr practice. He reminds them that their shin guards to on the INSIDE of their socks. And he makes them laugh while he's handing out juice boxes when they're done. He's a total Soccer Dad. He wouldn't have it any other way. And to tell you the truth...neither would I.

Just so the kids don't feel neglected since I blogged all about Daddy - here's a pic of J and Caleb going *one on one* last night at practice. (and yes smartie pants - I was the ONLY mom with a camera at practice!)

Monday, September 11

Sorry - no posts - not many pictures...

Well, sorry I haven't blogged anything this week. I haven't taken a single picture this whole week - can you believe it?

Levi's been sick this whole week - he has the Coxsackie Virus - it's the same thing that causes Hand Foot and Mouth Disease. Not something I recomend you trying. :) Levi has only had the mouth sores - no fever and no sores anywhere else. But he went about 5 days without eating much and almost completely without talking. He was quite pitiful and it was pretty hard on this soft old mom. It was SO FUN to hear him talking again yesterday. :) He's such a sweet boy.

So now I'd say he's about 75% better - still a few sores in his mouth giving him some eating problems, but hopefully it won't be much longer and he'll be like new again!

Caleb's doing good - Started soccer with Coach Dad again. He's excited about that. And going back to school. He loves school!

And here's my proud mommy story for the week. :)
Caleb's doing computer stuff at school. They go to the Computer Lab and do a reading game and a math game. "all educational games mom!" he says. But the teacher sent their scores home with them last week and said that at this point an 80% would be really good. WELL, Caleb had an 85 in reading which is good. BUT the BIG news was that in MATH he only missed ONE question and had a 97%!!!!!!! YAY! :)

ok, proud mommy bragging over. :)

I'll be back when I have something more interesting to report.

Tuesday, September 5

Working hard on Labor Day!

We had a BUSY weekend! Friday Drew and Michelle and the boys and Mom and Dad all came to our house. Then Drew and Michelle ventured out for Lifelight and we stayed here with the folks and the 4 boys. Well, we got 2.67 inches of rain on FRIDAY! And so Drew and Michelle ended up coming back from Sioux Falls because it was too muddy and wet!
Then Saturday Mom and Dad were brave and took ALL FOUR boys to their house for over night! Jason and I, Drew and Michelle, Fredel and Jason, and Laine all headed back to Lifelight - wearing OLD shoes. :) It was SO MUDDY it was nasty - but we had lots of fun! Lots of great concerts! I'm now a huge fan of Jeremy Camp and Casting Crowns! Here's one pic of the concerts - LOTS of people!

Sunday we (Drew and Michelle and Jason and I) traveled to Mom and Dad's. Dad's step-sister and her husband from Chicago were visiting. It was great to see them - Monika and Dad had a great time of catching up and sharing memories.

Then Monday was the day! The guys started early! They're putting the ROOF on Dad's building!

It's hard work. Dad and Jason and Drew and Grandpa Les and Uncle Pat all worked all day! The boys had so much fun playing in the dirt piles, us women made sure they had stuff to drink, helped when we could and made lunch (delicious Indian Tacos).

The guys were pulling these LONG (22 feet) sheets of tin up onto the roof. Pat (who doesn't do heights!) had them loaded on the back of his pickup. Then they'd give them to Dad and Les, who were on the scissor lift that Grandpa Les built. Then from Dad and Les - the sheets would go to Jason and Drew who SLID them up onto the roof and started nailing/screwing them into place.

And then it happened - DAD YELLED - "AMY get a towel - AW JASON - you're gonna have to have stitches on that!" Well, I jumped immediatly - my DAD saying he needs stitches? Must be bad. I yelled at Caleb who was playing in the yard to go in the house and tell grandma that we need a towel - daddy's cut. So he went running. As Jason's climbing down the lift. EVERYONE starts saying - AMY DON'T LOOK! (I'm known as a fainter) so we get him down - get a towel on it- and discuss what to do...well, it's Labor Day so the clinic is closed - but mom calls the PA and she agrees to meet us. Here he is - four stitches later.

He will not be happy if he finds out that I posted this picture - so no one tell him! :)
He told me, "I'm so glad that I did this to my leg at the end of the day - because if it would have been in the morning I would have had to deal with you and your mom yelling at me for going back on the roof and back to work after I did it. This way they were done when I got back"

So that was our exciting was yours? :)