Monday, July 10

Weekend in Nebraska.

Here are a few pictures from our trip to Drew and Michelles a week or so ago.
We went to their church's America celebration - Kids had fun having snacks - gotta love it when the cotton candy is bigger than your head!

and STAND BACK LADIES - he's ALL MINE! :rolleyes: oh brother - blue snocones are entertaining for the kids - big AND small!

the kids ended up very sticky and messy, but they didn't mind!

One of the fun things they had for the kids to do was ride a stage coach - our boys who love cowboys thought that was fun!

Ended the night with a great fireworks show - the boys thought that was AWESOME of course.

Monday, July 3

TEN! Can you believe it?

Jason and I celebrated (well, observed anyway ;) ) our 10th anniversary last week. He surprised me by coming home early from work and then we just hung out with the boys and made fancy dinner at home. It was a really nice day. :) We're hoping to go on a trip without the kids at a later date. Here's a pic of the flowers he brought me.

It's really hard to believe it's already been TEN years. Doesn't seem that long. I think the fact that we were best friends before we were interested in dating has really made a difference in our marriage. Things haven't always been roses and sunshine - but having my best friend by my side sure makes the tough times easier.

This weekend while we were at Drew and Michelle's we watched some of the video of our wedding. THAT was fun - if you have a video of yours - you should watch it! We giggled at Matty and Tyler, Britt, and Laine and Steve - and how little they all were. We were all quite a bit smaller. :) I love that we had SO much music at our wedding. Even though Drew couldn't get thru his song b/c he was crying...

It was fun seeing people who were great friends then that we haven't seen in years, and family who've passed away since then.

I really think we had a GREAT wedding.

I'm thinking about scanning some of our proof negatives and printing them b&w and working on scrapping a little minibook just for me.