Tuesday, June 27

Luau Baby!

I was in charge of an awesome online crop this weekend at ScrapLove - it was SO FUN! It was a Luau themed party and it was a blast. I had so many great people helping plan challenges and games and classes - we WILL be doing it again! And I already have a theme picked out!

AND I got a TON of scrapping type stuff done - check out my gallery to see it all - My SB Gallery -

AND the super coolest of all - I won the big prize at the end! YAY! I won an awesome scrapbook tote for carrying my stuff to crops and it will be GREAT for Stampin' Up Shows!

The guys had a great time too! They went Fishing while I was busy all day Saturday. They even caught a few things. Mostly turtles, but each of the boys also caught a fish. I even made Jase take the camera and he willingly took a couple pics for me!

Monday, June 19

Ever tried...

to keep a six year old off his foot and to make him use crutches?

Last Saturday after we had come home from our week at VBS Caleb was fooling around after his bath and climbed up on the arm of the loveseat in the family room. Just as I said "Caleb do NOT jump off of there!", Jason who was standing kind of in front of Cale, moved and turned to see what he was doing, and Caleb Jumped! Caleb thought he was going to jump onto Daddy's back, but Jason moved and so Cale hit the floor. HARD!

Lots of crying, some ice on the foot and a call to the oncall pediatrician later, we decided to wait to take him in. Because they wouldn't do much for him at the ER on a Saturday even if it was broke. So we waited...

Well, several times last week we talked ourselves out of taking him. He would be fine in the morning and play all day, but limp, and then complain at bedtime that it hurt. So finally today we took him in. He had X-rays and they said it's not broken. But it's deep tissue and bone bruised. So unfortuntatly us letting him run around on it for a week didn't help. So he's on the crutches for 4-5 days - no weight on it, no swimming...

The good news is - he thinks the crutches are fun and he's taken to being waited on hand and foot quite well! :)

Thursday, June 15


Just some fun pics I caught of bubbles with daddy. :)

VBS at Treasure Cove!

Well, the boys and I went to VBS at mom and dad's. Michelle and her boys were there too! It was QUITE a week! But we all survived. :)
The boys had so much fun with the cousins. And they loved VBS and learned lots and had fun. Plus I did the missions for the week - they raised money to send to Marc and Tina.
Here's just a few of the pictures I took.

One afternoon Matty and Britt came over and "watched" the boys play on the slip and slide. :) the boys thought Matty was really funny. And I'm a NICE cousin, so I did NOT post the BEST picture of Matty, but I could probably be bribed. ;)

One day we went and visited at the farm. Matty took the boys with her to feed the bottle calf, I think Michelle has those pictures on her camera. And of course Matty was talked into taking them each for a ride on the go-kart. heh.

The picture from the vbs program is from the practice. Somehow I ended up with out my camera at the actual program. (insert me rolling my eyes here) And after the program we took the boys to the drive in Movie (that's the pic with the blankets) but it was VERY cold and windy so we all ended up in Pop's Yukon (hey Pop - does it still smell like popcorn?)

Fun stuff, but Daddy really missed us!

Sunday, June 11

And He's OFF!

There he goes...my baby...riding off into the sunset. :)

Caleb's an official two wheel bike rider.

Slip and Slide!


You know it's summer when...

A boy's legs look like this...

Poor Levi.

Memorial Day Camping!

ok, let's play a little catch up! ;)

We went camping Memorial weekend. All of my mom's family. had a great time and BEAUTIFUL (ok, a little windy) weather. Boys enjoyed the river, swimming and fishing. We all got out on the boat. Had great food cooked by Jason the master camping chef. The boys were dirty 24 hours a day and loved it.
We went to Pickstown, which is quickly becoming our favorite campground. They had movies and crafts for the kids, a great play area, and the bathrooms are CLEAN! YAY!
Here's a few pics for you to enjoy.