Monday, May 22

Great Fishermen!

WOW - We had SUCH a beautiful day to be out on the river in Dad's pontoon boat Saturday. The weather couldn't have been any better, and believe it or not, the fish were biting! The boys went NUTS catching walleye. Caleb caught 5 and Levi caught 4! We ended up keeping ELEVEN fish that day! And really the only reason we quit was because there was a storm blowing in - and we got rained on on the way into the dock. We couldn't believe that Levi actually caught fish with all his reeling in. He gets bored so he lets about 5 miles of line out then reels it all in. :) And CALEB - wow. He would drop his line in and say "I think maybe I have something here" and we would ALL be telling him - no you don't be patient! He'd reel in and have a BIG fish on the line! They were laughing so much! So here are some of the pics...They tell the story - I love the Misouri very pretty!

Tuesday, May 2

Little Hands

Well, I had another mommy moment this weekend! Sorry I haven't been blogging, we've all been thru some AWFUL illness that's made it's rounds thru our poor tired family. Ended up with 3 of us on antibiotics, and I'm just waiting for Caleb to be next. :)
ANYWAY - so we did alot of staying home this weekend. Which was ok - we did a bunch of cleaning and lots of movie watching.
On Saturday I was working in my scrapbook room on a layout for a challenge - out of my comfort zone challenge - which was HARD for me! I have my nice little scrapping style that works for me and I'm not so good at change...but anyway...
Levi insisted on srapbooking with me :) he's so cute. So I got him set up at the desk - gave him a paper cutter showed him how to use it and gave him a bunch of scrap paper. He was cutting away to his little hearts content. BUT then *I* got out some stamps and ink - so HE had to have stamps and ink...oy...needless to say my next big purchase from Stampin' Up is going to be the KIDS inkpads that wash easily. :) BUT it still brought a tear to my eye to see my baby all inky...just like his mom!

This was after a bath. He was so proud that his fingers stayed colored - and he told everyone that would listen that he stamped and his fingers got yucky just like mom! :)

oh and just for fun - here's my layout - My normal scrapping style is pretty clean and straight and such. This is supposed to look grungy and distressed - AND this paper brand is always very difficult for me to use...but it turned out ok. I like it better when I see it on the computer and can forget that I'm the one that made it. ;)