Wednesday, April 26

Here he comes to save the DAY!

Do not fear Citizens...Captain Toothbrush is protecting our city! Fighting plaque and gingivitis with his Ice Cream Cone Electric Toothbrush Sword! He can leap tall buildings in his trusty cowboy boots! heeheehee...

Saturday, April 22

One of those moments...

There are sometimes moments as a parent that make me step back and watch from afar. Most of the time those moments I get so wrapped up in my kids and how big they're getting and how amazing they are and forget to take a single picture. But today - I actually snaped out of it for a second and remembered the camera in my hand and caught a few pics. AMAZING...

My baby is no longer a baby. He is well on his way towards becoming a big guy. Today the amazing step he took was started with a simple sentence..."daddy, do you think we could try it with OUT the training wheels on my new bike?" While *I* stopped and caught my breath and tried not to tear up...JASON jumped at the chance and said "SURE! Let me get my tools!" Sometimes that's the difference btw a dad and a mom I guess. While I was easily ready to say - oh honey, not yet - you might get hurt! Jason was already running for tools and Caleb's helmet
and knee pads. It's a guy thing I guess. :)
So here they are...two of my guys...the big one and the middle one...on
the first of what I'm sure will be many bike riding lessons! sigh...

Wednesday, April 19


We had a great Easter weekend. Lots of family lots of eggs lots of food lots of gifts...It was BEAUTIFUL weather! Loads of fun. I'll mostly let the pictures speak for themselves this time, I'll comment if need be...

The boys in the backyard at Mom and Dad's - a small glimpse into our future. :)

Levi and Laine

I'm really afraid this last picture is a serious look at what the future holds for us with our four boys. I can just see them now - 16, 14, 13, and 12 in the go-kart - but by then they probably won't need Uncle Larry's help!

Thursday, April 13

Pajama day

Well, today is Pajama day at school! Caleb was SO excited at first, but then when it was ACTUALLY time to go OUT the door in his pajamas - he wasn't so sure. :) But once we talked about the fun things they were going to do and that all the other kids would be in their jammies that helped!

He was supposed to take his pillow and his sleeping animal - but decided to just take his veggie tales pillow and leave Clark at home. He said some kids were going to wear slippers, but I wasn't to sure about that one and so we went with shoes.

Hard to believe that there is only about 1 month of school left already! Caleb's learning so much - we are so glad that we had him go to begindergarten before into all day kindergarten. He's working on spelling his last name, he can write all the letters and numbers up to 15. He is learning to READ and sound out words to try to spell them. It's so amazing to find him sitting in a chair READING to his brother! :) very cute!

We're heading to Highmore tomorrow for Easter weekend. Should be a fun break and looks like the weather is going to be beautiful! YAY!

Record breaking temps all over today - it's going to be into the 80's here. Amazing. Jason said last night that you know it's about summer, we bought our first box of bomb pops! HA

Tuesday, April 4

My Big Boy...

heh. Caleb scolded me for calling him my baby yesterday! HA! I can not believe that he's SIX. Time sure flies...
I didn't get this posted yesterday b/c we were busy with birthday stuff all day AND b/c I'm battling a terrible stiff neck. yuck. but anyway...
Caleb has been planning for his big day for weeks! We had a little birthday breakfast before school. He took chocolate chip cookies to school for a treat for his birthday. He was all excited b/c at their monthly assembly in the morning he got to stand up on stage with all the other April birthdays and lead the whole school in the pledge of allegiance. woo!
Then Jason took the afteroon off and we went to Sioux Falls. We took the boys to Chuck E. Cheese right away - which was a good time - there were only about 10 other people in the whole place. They had so much fun of course.

We did some shopping - the guys went to hobbytown and checked out the trains for a while. Then Caleb picked Chili's for his birthday dinner.
When we got home we had a little ice cream cake and then Caleb opened his one present he'd gotten in the mail and his five Cards. He even got a card and letter from Emily. WHICH he promptly took into his bedroom and put up by his bed
He said at bedtime that it was the greatest birthday ever! :) Hopefully it was - at least until next year. I didn't get to do my normal birthday day day photo shoot b/c of going to Sioux Falls, so we'll do that today - but I did take his picture at 7:55 - the time he was born. he was sleeping in the van on the way home from Sioux Falls.

We also spent some time looking at his baby book. They got good giggles out of the pictures of Laine holding baby Caleb. She was around 10 yrs old I think! :) And Caleb told me how special it is to have those pictures of grandma Ellen in his baby book - which of course brought me to immediate tears! :) Looking at the book got me thinking about when Caleb was born.
His birth was so different from Levi's. Levi was just scheduled - went in and that was that.
Caleb however - oy. He was WAY overdue. I think over a week. And then they tried to induce me...for 24 hours. Only nothing happened. I had an epidural and they had turned the pitocin up as high as they could and I never had a single contraction register on the monitor. It was all kind of scary for us. Nothing at all like we had planned for our perfect birth to be like. Finally they decided to do a c-section. We were just so happy to have him OUT! :)
So anyway - both birthdays over for another year...yay! I'll post pics from Caleb's photo shoot later!