Thursday, March 30

We Survived the Circus...

woo - just got home from the Circus. whee...
The boys had a great time. We went out to Pizza Hut for dinner before - we should have known better! Yikes!
Then we got there in time for the boys to ride the elephant before the show started. They were so funny. They had to have daddy go with them (which Jason was THRILLED about). Caleb thought it was cool but kind of scary to be right up there in the front. They said the Elephant skin had pokey hairs on it - and it has a really boney back. Then they got daddy to take them to the toy stand. They each had brought a little bit of birthday money - so they got to buy a light up toy each. Daddy did a good job keeping it simple. They got toys that light up, but make NO sound. YAY!
The very first act was the tigers and one lion. Levi says he liked them the best. There were lots of 1/2 dressed dancing girls that showed up in the wierdest places. Like dancing around in gypsie type outfits while the Elephant was performing - um, ok.
Levi got a little restless - but we made it to 1/2 time. They laughed at the little people clowns (are you supposed to say midget any more?) and thought it was really funny when the danced to Move it Move it from Madagascar - and Levi says he liked it when the one clown kicked the other one clown in the butt.
In the second act the high wire guys were really good. They even have a 9 yr old boy that performs with them. And Caleb really liked the Monkeys. They were funny. Then the big finish was the dirtbikes in the cage circle thingy.
We didn't get them to bed until after 10:30 and before bed Caleb had to have a massive melt down about sno cones. BUT they're sleeping now and I think I'm going to need a nap tomorrow!
Lots of pictures on the picture site (link to the right) - but here's one for your enjoyment!

Tuesday, March 28


I just noticed that my hit counter is over ONE THOUSAND HITS! Must mean someone it out there reading this. You sillies! You need to post comments and let me know that you're out there!
Not much going on right now - Thursday we have tickets for the circus so I'm sure there will be some pictures from that. Just signed Caleb up for Spring Soccer, and coming up in April is Kindergarten "get-ready" stuff.
We're going to Highmore for Easter - and to Celebrate all the family April birthdays. Should be fun.
The kids can't wait for this weekend and Ice Age 2 coming out - guess we're going sort of for Caleb's birthday. I can not believe my baby is going to be SIX. Just seems unreal...

ok - I'm babbling...anyway...yay for 1000! WOW!

Thursday, March 23

This one goes out to...

the ones I love... heeheehee - Sometimes I can't shake the song lyrics for titles.

Drew and Michelle - my favorite baby Brother and bestest Sister - THIS picture is for you.
Taken in our back yard about 15 minutes ago - at 43º. :D Love you!

Monday, March 20

Birthday party pictures

A few Party pictures are up on the picture site.

Sunday, March 19

They say it's your birthday...

Oh man - what a weekend! I'll post a bunch of party pictures later - but today it's all about the birthday boy!

I seriously can not believe that my BABY is three years old. He's had a great day!
It started out a tiny bit crabby - I'm hoping maybe three comes in like a lion and out like a lamb! ;)

We still had a few family members in town so we fed them breakfast at our house. Then worried about them all as they traveled home in some not so great weather conditions. But all have arrived safely.

BUT - back to Levi.

Levi was born at 8:53 am via c-section three years ago - SO at 8:53 am this morning - I snapped a few pictures of him. He sat still, but wasn't impressed! He was so tired from the boys' party yesterday.
This afternoon when Jason asked him if there was anything else special he wanted to do for his birthday he said - well, he hadn't gotten fish hooks with eyes, and bottom bouncers (for fishing) like he'd wanted. (WHAT three year old wants tackle for his birthday?)

AND when I told him that we could make anything he wanted for dinner tonight - he picked CULVERS! :) So out we went. He used a few of his birthday dollars to get some fish hooks with eyes, and bottom bouncers. He was happy as a clam as he marched up to the cashier and paid himself! SHE was great and made a great big deal out of him!

Then we were off to Culvers. Where he enjoyed a feast! He had french fries, onion rings, and cheese balls, a grilled cheese sandwich and some root beer THEN of course Culvers frozen custard! (think I can give him
tums? :) ) WHEW! I'm tired!

Monday, March 13


You know - I know that life with boys is bound to be interesting RIGHT? Well, this afternoon takes the cake.
Caleb came to me in the office where I was chatting with Michelle on messenger and says, "mommy - Levi needs your help, he's kind of got a lego stuck up his nose and he can't get it out"


here comes Levi, crying. ok. I think - so I pick him up and put him on my lap and kind of use my pinkie to touch the ROUND lego - Levi's crying and has a PANIC look in his eyes. Does it hurt? I asked. uh huh he nods thru his tears.

I'm afraid with my finger I'm actually going to move it up his nose. WHY did you put this lego up your nose? "I didn't Caleb did" WHAT? so I sent Caleb to his room before hurting him. :)

And I reached for my trusty Scrapbooking Tweezers. And Levi FREAKED! heehee...So I told him not to look - to look up at my pictures on the wall. One quick pinch of the tweezers and it was out! Then he REALLY started bawling. poor baby.

So I did what any good scrapbooking/blogging mom would do and I snapped a few pictures of Levi with the offending Lego. :)

Now I'm typing as I calm down - THEN I'll deal with Caleb. I'm pretty sure the scare alone has been quite a punishment for him, but there will be something else. Jason just called from the grocery store wanting to know if I thought of anything else we needed - um, NO! and told him what had just happened. He's on his way home. :)

This last picture - Levi took of himself. :) He loves running the camera, but even more-so likes seeing himself on the screen!


Well, My hopes for a nice springlike day where everyone who comes to the birthday party can hang out outside and the kids can play in the back yard are fading fast...I'm not sure who's idea it was to get 5 inches of snow, but it's here. It's wet and heavy.
The boys are having a blast tho!

They're out there - shoveling the back yard - Caleb thinks this way they can still play soccer on Saturday. hopefully! Prayers are for quick drying and nice warm sunshine! :)

Tuesday, March 7

Cool huh?

Ok, so I was so tired from my trip yesterday that I was kind of unproductive. But I did make these super cool while I was sitting at the computer yesterday afternoon! Enjoy!

Monday, March 6

My Lovelie weekend...

WOW! There are really no words to describe the weekend I just had. Who would ever think that you could put 30 women from all over the country in one (albeit FREAKY) bed and breakfast and they would all have such an amazing time! Like long lost friends from the first minutes to crying and hugging when we left. WOW! I had such a great time.
My flights friday were awesome, no problems what-so-ever. Then when I got to Baltimore, Dorothy, Jamie and Trish had already hopped the tram to get the rental car - well - you had to ride the tram a long ways and so instead of them coming to get me back at the airport *I* went ALL BY MYSELF! and got my suitcase and got on the tram and went to the rental car place. YAY ME! Then we went on the adventure of driving to the inn which wasn't so bad.
Right when we got there - there were lovelies EVERYWHERE! It took me a couple of minutes to get over the shock and awe. It's amazing to me how everyone's personalities are pretty much just what you'd expect from knowing them online. and PRETTY! wow - what a bunch of hotties.
Friday we just hung out at the B&B and visited and laughed (alot) and there was some scrapping. (but seriously not much) I think Stacy and I finally crawled into bed somewhere around 4:00 and then visited more - I think maybe I slept from 5-7:30.
Then Saturday Morning I got in on the real live coffee (or cawfee). MORE visiting and hanging out and laughing. Finally someone realized that it was about 3 in the afternoon and we'd not yet eaten lunch, so 6 of us went out in the van in search of lunch. We found an applebees. Dorothy told the waiter she needed a gallon of Mt. Dew - so the guy seriously brought her THREE glasses of mt. dew.
Then back to the in and we gave Jamie her book all the lovelies had made - wow. awesome work! And we had our gift exchange. No one got too nasty with the stealing. And we did lots of laughing. The inn is decorated for Christmas all year round - so we wrapped in christmas wrapping. One of the gifts we opened was actually one of theirs from under their tree! oops.
Then we all went into Gettysburg to a place called the Gingerbreadman for dinner. It was re-enactment weekend in Gettysburg - and so there was all of us crazy women in tiaras and a big group of guys in civil war uniforms. Way too fun. Then back to the inn for singing and dancing and crazyness - and I THINK It was almost 5 am before bed that night too!
Sunday was early and up to pack. I can not believe how sad I was to leave these women. I was the crier - can you believe that? I just can't put into words how AWESOME completely AWESOME the whole thing was. It was sureal... I don't know how else to say how great it was.
The guys were busy while I was gone building a train track and building a sandbox in the back yard. And they put up a new shower head in my bathroom. Levi was so excited to see me get off the plane he was jumping up and down.
I brought them candy from the fancy candy store in the Minneapolis airport - they were enjoying it this afternoon...

Thursday, March 2

The cat in the hat

Caleb made a cat in the hat hat at school today. Because it was Dr. Seuss' birthday.
And they read Green Eggs and Ham and The Cat in the Hat. And his favorite part was where the Cat in the Hat cleans up the whole house.

And with this - I'm off! Pray for no Northwest airlines strike! YIKES!

Wednesday, March 1

photo shoot

We got our new camera today - so the boys and I had a little photo shoot to try it out.
Pretty much exactly like our old one. :)