Monday, February 27

We built this city...

It is a beautiful 50º outside! The boys have been out all afternoon. I was working on doing some cleaning around the house - and realized it had been quite some time since I'd heard from them - which is usually not a good thing. And here I found them peacefully and dilligently working on their chalk city. Levi is in charge of housing and Caleb's building the railroad. They are covered in chalk dust from head to toe. Caleb scolded me for taking pictures when it's "not finished yet mom" but he assured me that he'll come and get me when they're for now...enjoy a city in the making...

Saturday, February 25

What a weekend!

When it's not quite nice enough to spend a whole bunch of time running around outside you have to find ways to entertain yourselves...right?
These boys have NO problem in the entertainment department. Saturday while Jason and I were getting some housework done - they built themselves a grand fort - using most all the cushions off the furniture in the family room and every blanket in the blanket basket.

We have spent much of the evenings in the last 2 weeks watching the competitions of the Winter Olympics in Torino. The monkeys were much more interested in the events than I ever thought they would be. They really got into cheering for the USA and we took opportunities to talk about other countries and get out the atlas and show where they are. (which reminds me - if anyone needs a birthday present idea for Caleb - I think he should have a globe!) But the one thing I didn't expect from the olympics was the plans the boys are now making for their future sports careers! Caleb is pretty sure that the luge or bobsled would be super fun and really enjoyed watching the snowboarding too and wants to try it! Levi was all about the luge and skeleton (does that really surprise anyone?) and was also interested in the freestyle ski jump which he's been demonstrating by jumping off the infamous family room steps and trying to learn to twist. IF he starts to try flips - well, let's just say that it's a good thing I *know* someone who can vouch for me with the social workers! ;)

These pictures are of the boys showing off their handstand skills. Daddy's getting them ready for their handstands on their birthdays.

We're gearing up for the big birthday party - it's going to be March 18th. Hopefully everyone can come! It's going to be a great time.

This weekend I'm going to be gone on my big trip. I can not wait to meet this great group of women, and I'm sure we'll have stories to tell when I get home. I'm just a tiny bit scared of flying by myself, but I'm sure it will be fine! right?

And the guys will be home for their super guy weekend. I have no idea what they have planned, and I really don't want to know. ;) But Jason's already been instructed to take pictures!

Monday, February 13

Caleb and Emily...

This is a scrapbook page from our October trip to Omaha to the Zoo with our friends from College and their kids. I got the page done this weekend when Michelle and I were at the all day crop. We had lots of fun!

Caleb and Emily have literally known each other since BEFORE they were born. LuAnn and I were pregnant at the same time - we visited just a few days after Emily was born and I held her while Caleb was still growing inside me. We have pictures of them in diapers together when they were under a year old.

Emily has talked about how Caleb was her boyfriend pretty much since she could talk and has taken to making wedding plans in her old age - SHE IS SIX! :) She's been heard to tell people that she has a boyfriend and his name is Caleb and he lives in South Dakota. Caleb recently came home from school telling me about how he did the valentine making center at school that day. His friend Cole made his valentine for his mom - and *I* made mine for Emily. :)

so here they are...This day at the zoo they hadn't seen each other for at least a year, and they were wandering around the zoo holding hands by the end of the day... way too funny! (and a tiny bit scary!)

oh - and we had the other boys with us at the zoo too! heh - they had lots of fun as well.

Monday, February 6

Sick, Busy, Sick, Busy...

It's a vicious cycle I guess. When I'm home and not busy and could be posting something interesting, the boys have been sick. I don't know what's up, but we're running a vicious cycle of barf and I do not recommend it! Otherwise in between the illness we've been busy.

We just shipped two big boxes out to go to Virginia full of stuff for Marc and Tina that will be traveling by boat to them. I have no idea how long that will take!

Tomorrow is Jason's big 30 day - so if you get a chance shoot him an email or phone call to tell him to have a happy day!

Tonight we're going to Laine's game at the Corn Palace. I'm hoping to get a couple of good pics of her in action. :) Then Friday night I think we're going to another game. And meeting Drew and Michelle and their monkeys. They're coming up for the weekend. Under the disguise of celebrating Jason's birthday, but Michelle and I are coincidentally sneaking away on Saturday for an all day Scrapbook crop at the local store here. Then Mom and Dad are coming thru too on their way to Omaha to fly out for their big trip to Florida! So once again we'll have a busy week and weekend.

Since we've had the sickies, we haven't been taking too many pictures - but here are a couple from Eli's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese.

YES, Chuck E. Cheese is technically for KIDS, but the adults had WAY more fun. ;) They could go on the pro skeeball circut I'm pretty sure.
Jason and Drew took skeeball to an all new was almost embarassing!

Oh, yeah - and we took kids with us too and they were even allowed to play a couple of games and use a few tokens. :) But they did have fun spending all the daddies' tickets!