Tuesday, December 20

Christmas Christmas and more Christmas

Well, seems to be that time of year where the kids have gifts to open every other day. So tonight we decided to add to it. We had our own little family Christmas here. We decided tonight would be a good night since there wasn't anything else really going on and this will give them a chance to play with their new toys a couple of days before leaving for Gram and Pop's house.
Jason and I got them each a toy and they got each other hotwheels track. Then we also got them incredibles pajamas. Which they are THRILLED with! :) They are running around the house being dash and mr. incredible now. (yeah, it's bedtime!)
So - here they are in their Incredibles glory. Aren't they cute?

Oh dear - Jason just caught Levi drinking my dr. pepper - good thing I have several things I can be working on tonight while I'm up with my Dash. ;)

We'll be leaving Friday for Highmore and the boys and I will be staying the week btw Christmas and New Years in Highmore - Hope to see as many people as we can! To the rest - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! (yeah, yeah - the cards are coming - be patient!)

Monday, December 12

Busy Busy Busy

WOW! Seems like we have something crazy going on every other day!
I just want to share with you our gingerbread house we made yesterday. I bought one of those kits from the store and we put it together (PLUS A whole bunch of candy we got on our own, b/c there wasn't enough in the kit) The boys had a great time. All though Caleb was more of a "helper" and Levi was more of an "eater". :) I seriously think Levi ate his weight in candy. BUT what the heck, it's Christmas right?

So here it is - One pic of Levi eating candy (those are pretty much the only pics I got of him) ANd one pic of the two of them together. I forgot to take pics when we were done - so I took this one last night at bedtime. Levi did NOT want to cooperate and this was the best pic I got. (much better than the one of him with his finger up his nose!)

This weekend (weather allowing) we're off to Nebraska for some family Christmas stuff. Then home for a few days and then off to Highmore for Christmas weekend. I'm working on Christmas Cards and will get them out soon.

IF I don't post again - I hope you have a great Holiday weekend!
Much Love - Amy and my guys

Sunday, December 4

My Poor Baby

Oh my - We had a massive collision in the kitchen tonight. Caleb and Levi crashed head first both running full speed. The top of Levi's head met Caleb's mouth. Caleb's mouth definatly lost!
He's got a huge fat lip and the stringy thing that connects your gum to your lip is cut. And he's got a loose piece of skin on his lip. We had him put lots of ice on it. And gave him some motrin. He said he'd go to bed and he was sure he'd wake up good enough to go to school. Poor guy.

I was going to take my Christmas card picture tomorrow - maybe not!

Saturday, December 3

OH Christmas Tree...

Ok - I lied. Not thanksgiving next - Christmas Trees instead. :)

I actually convinced Jason that we *needed* two trees! One for the front living room where you can see it from the street and one in the family room where we spend most of our time. So here they are.

The little tree - is artificial and we let the kids decorate it. We used fruit loops for the garland and we let the boys put all the decorations that they have gotten on it and several Jason and I have from when we were kids. I told the boys that they could pick any color of christmas balls to put on their tree and they picked the soccer balls. So there they are! :)

The big tree is a real tree. We went to a Christmas Tree farm over by Sioux Falls and cut it down. Caleb was disapointed that we didn't use a chain saw to cut it down. heh. We got to pick the tree and then ride a wagon after we cut it down. It's one of the best real trees we've ever had. The shape is so perfect and it smells SO GOOD! So we just finished decorating it. The boys love putting the ornaments on, but they kind of like to bunch them all together, so Jason and I help as much as we can. Then we took the
traditional boys laying under the Christmas tree picture. :) Aren't they cute? Ok - time to drink something warm and think about getting the kids to bed. They played in the snow today and they are tired. I'll share those pictures soon too!