Wednesday, November 30

Weather first - Turkey day second.

Ok - for now I'll post about the weather b/c I have the pics edited and ready to go. Sometime later I'll get to our turkey day travels etc....

WOW! I can NOT believe the weather. Sunday traveling home from my folks our normal 2 hr drive took 3 hours! It was freezing rain/slushy stuff that was not easy for Jason to drive in. When we got home we turned up the heat and had some supper and got busy pulling all the Christmas decorations out. We got the little tree in the family room up and decorated and the lights went out. The boys FREAKED! :) It was pretty dark. So we set about finding a flash light and getting some candles lit. I called and talked to Fredel and they had power. SO a plan was made that if the lights didn't come back on by bed time then we'd trek over to stay with them. We read books using my book light I got for my birthday, and once the boys got used to the dark it was kind of fun. Then just as we were packing a few things to go to Fredel and Jason's the lights came back on. So instead we called and told them we'd be ok and staying home. Got the monkeys in the bath and ready for bed. Put Caleb to bed and about 10:30 it went out again. But we just decided it was too late and we'd stick it out. So we took Levi to bed with us and went to sleep. Woke up to the power coming on about 2:45 am - but it wasn't on very long. Then it was out the rest of the night. SO it was fairly cold in here by morning - started packing to go to the Thomas' again. AND of course the lights came on. (see a pattern developing here?) So we called and canceled again and went back to decorating. Jason scooped snow and Then the went out once again around Noon. By four o'clock they still weren't on so Fredel and Jason came and got us and we went to their house. We had a great birthday (for me) supper of Tacos and the Cake Jason had made me. It was lots of fun! The boys had a great time playing with Phoebe (the dog) and watching movies. I guess the power did come on here at our house sometime Monday night.

Tuesday morning we packed up and Jason brought us home since our power was on. We were in the house about 1/2 hr and it went out again. Jason was standing in the kitchen and shouted NOOOOOOOO! heh. But it came back on about 15 min later and has been on ever since. The cable and internet were out until this morning. AND believe it or not it's actually SNOWING again!

So yeah, that was our adventure. The boys
are worried about the power going out again, but we're just reassuring them that even if it does, we'll be ok! I'll add pictures of the ice and snow! :)

Friday, November 18

I know! Two posts in one morning!

But this can not go unmentioned. Levi is funny. He cracks me up on a dailly basis. Everyday I get up and send Jason and Caleb off to work and school before 8:00. Then - Levi, my little sleeper, sleeps usually till atleast 8:30 sometimes as late as 9:30. So I use that hour or so as my time. I do my Bible Study and I usually have some breakfast at the computer. Every morning Levi comes out of his room - looks at me and says, "kid's show and cereals mom. Don't forget Juice!" and marches out to the family room. It takes him a while to get going in the morning so he watches a show.

This morning, like all the others - I was sitting here at the computer. Messaging with Drew and checking out my scrapbook messageboard home. And the door to their bedroom (which is diagnal across the hallway from my office) opens. and THIS is what is standing there to greet me.
(I'm so glad that I keep my digital camera on the computer desk!)
Without batting an eye, he proceeds on with his normal request. And so I get my cowboy some cereals, juice, and blues clues. :)

BUT - he only sat there for about 10 minutes this morning. Because he remembered the events of last night.

Last night I worked on the boy's clothes. I took lots of t-shirts and fallish stuff out and in went the winter sweaters and sweatshirts and stuff. I also took out everything that was too small. I remembered that awhile back Michelle had given me a bag of fall and winter clothes that were Ike's for Levi. So I pulled that out as well. Levi started digging in the bag. His eyes got HUGE! Look mom - a buzz lightyear shirt FOR ME!?! yep. that used to be Ike's and now it's for you. wow... Then not five minutes later - MOM! Another one buzz lightyear shirt for me? yep. He almost fell over when I pulled out a third one. :) So then he proceeded to carry these three buzz lightyear shirts around with him for the rest of the evening. Finally I convinced him to put them away in the drawer. And I let him pick one to wear for today and lay out on the sofa. SO - he found it while he was eating. Of course he had to put it on RIGHT AWAY! He's the luckiest boy in the world to have such a great cousin who's also obsessed with Buzz Lightyear. SO - Thanks Ike!

I should have known better...

I open my mouth and say how boring things are...DUH! heh. Yesterday when I picked Caleb up from school he was sitting by the teacher crying...Sounds like he took a flying leap of a piece of playground equipment (it really wasn't that high he told me) and face planted into the peagravel on the playground. He scraped his knee, and a place on his hip (how he managed the hip thru his pants, shirt, and winter coat, I'll never know) and then walloped his chin, got a fat lip, and even a scrape on his gum inside his mouth that made his poor teacher (young and no kids of her own) worry about his TOOTH b/c it was bleeding. :) He says his chin bone hurts, but Jason's assured me that it's only a bruise. BUT of course Caleb worked it for all he could last night. Couldn't pick up his dinner dishes b/c his leg hurt, couldn't put away his clothes b/c his hip was sore. :) And being a kind of softie mom I let him. Poor guy.

In typical 5 yr old fashion tho, this morning when he was getting ready for school and I took these couple of pictures, he told me "Mom, I can't wait to get to school, Now I have two things for show and tell. Daddy's watch (an R2D2 watch) AND my chin. My friends will think my chin is so cool!" oh my...It's just begining isn't?

As for Levi, well, he's ok so far. He had fun last evening walking up to Cale and saying "Caleb, yours chin have ouchie?" and then trying to poke it. Ah, the joys of being the little brother.

Other than that not much going on. I'm still using my cleaning schedule. It's working pretty good. It's nice knowing a specific amount of things that I hope to get done in any one day, and going to bed knowing what's next. I would NOT go into cardiac arrest if someone showed up at my door unannounced anymore. I think this weekend we're going to do a bit of Christmas shopping and hopefully go Sunday to get our Christmas tree from the Tree Farm. I *think* the place we're going to go is where Jason's family used to go when they were growing up. That should be cool. We didn't cut a tree at a tree farm last year, so I'm sure Levi has no memory of doing it before. That will be fun! I'll be anxious to share the story with you and you KNOW there'll be pictures!

Thursday, November 17

Nothing New

Sorry that I haven't posted anything new in several days. It's because we seriously haven't done much that is interesting. :)
It's been stinking cold here and the wind blew like 50 mph for a couple of days. We mostly stayed in and hybernated!
This weekend I'm hoping to get some Christmas shopping done. THEN it will already be time to get ready and pack for Thanksgiving. I'm going to be making a couple of pies this year. Jason's favorite "oh baby pie" and I'm going to try a pumpkin pie recipe where you use melted ice cream instead of evaporated milk. Should be interesting!
Hopefully I'll have something interesting to post about soon!

Sunday, November 13

Home Again, Home Again...

Well, here we are. Home. We went to Highmore to spend the weekend with my parents. The monkeys LOVE going to Gram and Pop's house. Fun Fun! :)
We went early because Jason and Caleb had off school and work Friday. Friday we mostly hung out at the house and took the boys to the park. IT WAS around 75º! Record highs! And Mom and Dad and Jason took the monkeys to see the wind towers up close and personal. They thought that was pretty cool! On Saturday Mom, Grandma Elaine, and I went to the Zonta Craft Fair in Pierre. Holy Cow. Talk about a bunch of stuff. Where were so many exhibitors and stuff to look at it was overwhelming. We had fun. Then we did some shopping in Pierre and met the guys for lunch. MORE shopping, then we took the boys to Chicken Little at the theater. DO NOT ask the boys about the movie if you actually want to see it and not know every single little thing that happens in the whole show. heh. They'll practically recite it for you. (Do you think that means that they liked it?)
So now tonight we're home, boring home, as Caleb told us at supper.
Back to my cleaning schedule and school and work and everything else.
I was looking at my calendar on the way home. Man, it's full! Almost every weekend between now and the start of the New Year. I told Jason I should just decorate for Christmas now so that we're actually home to enjoy it for a couple of days. :) So here's your warning! IF you would like to see us sometime over the holidays and you aren't sure if you're on the calendar yet or not - you'd better be speaking up and claiming your day! ;)
Ok, boys are yelling - we're going to watch extreme home makeover together.

Monday, November 7

Um Hello? Weather?

I don't know why the weather is so unseasonably warm. And I really don't want to question it too much in chance of blowing up a snowstorm tomorrow or something. BUT It is almost 5:00p.m. on November 7th, and it is still 64º (side note LOOK LYNN! I remembered! HA!) outside! It is amazing.

The monkeys played outside all afternoon. They are out there with no coats! (but b/c of the dumb time change - it's starting to get dark and they're going to have to come in.)
So I decided to share a couple of pictures I took of them with you. Levi is of course DIRTY - that child would find dirt in a clean empty white room! No Lie!

And Caleb - his imagination amazes me! He's becoming quite the little artist. Especially with sidewalk chalk. A talent I have to say he learned from his uncle Marc! He's out there drawing a whole city. Roads and train tracks. Hospital and airport. Houses and a school - even a grocerystore. :) He told me I couldn't take a picture of his city yet b/c it's not finished - but once it is - if it doesn't get rained on - I'll try to remember to snap a couple of pictures. (ha, me remember to snap a COUPLE of pictures.)

I have put myself on a new house cleaning 'schedule'. First day was today. I just feel the need to be more organized and more 'company ready' at all times. Some days I would seriously panic if someone showed up at the door unexpected. SO - I'm going to try to keep up better. Each part of the house has a day of the week. Laundry and such are all assigned a place in my schedule. Hopefully I've made it easy enough and with enough 'extra' time to stick too it. So far today - The family room is almost spotless. I EVEN cleaned the big french door windows. WOW! ha.
AND my ever so smart (and a tiny bit sarcastic) Five year old already asked - Mom, why are you cleaning so much? Is someone coming to visit? (insert me rolling my eyes here!)
ah, they know me all too well...

Thursday, November 3

Everyday is an Adventure...

These boys, I tell you what. They keep me laughing. Especially Levi. His adorable personality combined with that smile and those dimples - It's hard to resist.
He didn't talk for the longest time. We actually kind of worried about it for a while. BUT - all fears relieved - he's talking PERFECTLY now! So funny!
In the last couple of days he's told me two different things that I don't want to forget.
This morning he came running into the office/scrapbook room where I was reading some email, looked at me - said "mom - mine's diaper is COLD!" and took off running again. Huh? I have no idea why or how his diaper was cold...goofy kid.
He loved trick or treating. He wasn't sure at first, but once he got the swing of it - hoo boy.
So yesterday afternoon Caleb and Levi were getting ready to go play outside in the 70º weather - Levi puts on his cowboy boots and says "mom - I put on mine's cowboy boots - let's go get more candy!" heh, sorry buddy - that was a one time deal!

Wednesday, November 2

Pictures, Pictures, and more Pictures!

Holy COW! We got back the eleven rolls of film from Fredel and Jason's wedding today. Everything from decorating to rehersal to wedding to dancing the night away...
What fun!
They turned out really well. It's exciting.
I'll put a couple of them here - here's one of Caleb the ringbearer hard at work! ;) (the others are at the picture site
He was a little nervous but he did great. AND he loved wearing that tux. Did not want to take it off!
He crashed at the dance - we brought him home and were putting his pj's on and he said "is it over?" yeah honey, it's over, "did I go to the WHOLE thing?" yep sweetie, you did. "OK" and he was OUT! ha!

IN other news...not much. Caleb went to Awana again tonight. BUT we aren't getting much out of him about what they do. Goofy kid. We'll have to try to get him to tell us.
The boys saw a snake in the backyard today. That was the highlight of their WEEK!
We enjoyed the SEVENTY degree weather today. WOW! Hard to believe that it's the second of November...
November - 26 days till my big 3-0 birthday. YUCK! heh.
The boys are working on eating their halloween stash. Just a couple of pieces a day. I need to start limiting Daddy on how many pieces of candy HE should eat tho. ;)
This weekend I think we're just staying home. Next weekend we might go to Highmore. The Caleb has Friday off from school and OF COURSE - government working Jason does too. YAY!
I'm still tired from the weekend. AND whoever decided to mess with the time must not have
had kids. wow. I'll leave you tonight with another picture from the wedding. One of my personal favs. Fredel showing off her dance flip flops. Have you ever seen a flip flop so HIGH? ha.