Monday, October 31

Trick or Treat Smell my Feet!

HA! Oh my word! The boys had more candy than they needed before they EVER went trick or treating! Levi and I helped with Caleb's fall harvest party at school this morning. They got candy and cookies and stuff from there. Then we had to stop at Daddy's work to get some $$ so we could go pick up a few bags of Candy to hand out. We left his work with more cookies, candy, teddy grahams, and I don't even remember what else! AND the ladies at the office told me to be prepared b/c our neighborhood is a popular one. BOY THEY WERE NOT KIDDING!
We got the boys dressed up and Jason took them out. First they went to Papa Murphy's pizza b/c they hand out cookie dough to kids in costume. Then to the grocery store. When they came home they went to just about 5 houses in the neighborhood and I was here the whole time handing out candy. SIX bags of candy later (and a few pkgs snuck from the monkeys buckets that I know they don't like) We just turned the porch light off at 7:40! WOW!
(I was a little annoyed at the number of kids who didn't bother to say thank you NOT TO MENTION the ones who didn't even bother to say trick or treat, just stuck their bags in my face)
So here are a couple of pictures from our day. Fun Fun Fun... (the middle one is from when daddy thought it was cold enough Levi needed a hat under his cowboyhat - it didn't stay on long!)

Sunday, October 30

Whew, What a Weekend!

WOW! That is all I have to say. The last four days have kind of been a blur. Bad news is - I lost my digital Camera Thursday after decorating at the church, so I don't have many pictures yet, the film is all going to walmart today. ALL TEN ROLLS! wow. I never realized how easy the digital camera was! Good news - Fredel and Jason are good and MARRIED! woohoo! Fredel Thomas ;) Sounds good.
Thursday we decorated the church. It's a brandnew church, we've only had services in there 2 Sundays. Jason and Al worked on decorating the big doorway that the bridesmaids (all 8) and Fredel and Al would be walking thru. The girls and mom and I decorated the front of the church and the guest book table. It was all beautiful.
Friday everyone started rolling in. We decorated the Holiday Inn for the reception in the afternoon. BEAUTIFUL! And then I went with Fredel to check on the flowers - we ended up only having 24 minutes to get ready for rehersal! Rehersal was good. Hard to organize 8 bridesmaids, 6 groomsmen, 2 flowergirls, a ringbearer and a bride and groom! It was fun. Then to the dinner - it was great!
AFTER all that fun - we still had to make the egg bakes for feeding everyone breakfast in the morning.
Saturday morning we fed all the wedding party breakfast and some relatives too. I went with Fredel for her hair appt. We took over the entire hair shop!
The photographer was AWESOME! All the pictures are going to be great I'm sure.
Wedding actually started on time. There were SO many people there. They said Fredel kept saying WOW WOW WOW all the way down the asile. (AND - good news - Caleb did not slide down in his tux shoes, but he did go all by himself! He did great!)
The ceremony was beautiful. And we were of course all emtional the whole day. Thinking lots about Billie. BUT we know that she had the best seat in the house!
The reception was so much fun. Tacos for everybody! Dancing and loud. Lots of relatives and old friends to visit with. My kids danced like maniacs until they crashed at about midnight.
So much fun.
Today we went for the gift opening. HOLY COW! Took forever.
I'm sure there are lots of things I'm forgetting. I'll post a few more pictures (both here and at picturetrail) when we get the film pictures back this week.
AND The good news - I found my digital camera! This afternoon. WAY too late for any wedding pictures - but at least it's found.

Here's a picture of Caleb in his wedding attire and our family picture from the reception. (only 7 hrs after I got ready!)

Tuesday, October 25

Trying it on...

Here he is! The soon to be Ring Bearer! Isn't he adorable? (he'd be so mad at me for saying that!)

We went to try on Caleb's tux today. Surprise of all surprises EVERYTHING fits! Perfectly. Well, shoes are a tiny bit big. but big is way better than small!

I love the way his ears get red when he gets embarassed. As soon as Fredel started telling him how handsome he was they were instantly flaming red! :) TOO CUTE!

On the way back to the dressing room he discovered that the shoes were slippery and started sliding across the carpet. "hey mom - look! I can just SLIDE down the aisle at the wedding!"
Oh Lord help me!

Not Sleeping

So last night - I fell asleep on the sofa watching the news. I know, I'm getting old. I remember teasing my dad about not being able to sleep thru the news. Jason woke me up and ever so politely said - hey nerd, if you're sleeping on the sofa, you should go to bed! uh, thanks! :)
So I did. (well, first I washed my face and sat at the computer for a couple minutes but that's beside the point) Upon laying down my brain was more awake than it had been all day long! It was so agrivating. Then I did that try to sleep and get mad at your self b/c you aren't sleeping so that makes you even less sleepy know the one?
So I got up. and ...heh, yep you guessed it...sat down at the computer. No one was at my sb messageboard home (ya big bunch of sleepers!) no one was on msn. I remembered that a couple of weeks ago a College friend suggested I sign up for a myspace acct. The first week I had it I got some wierd messages from strangers - it scared me and so I never went back. Well, until last night.
And there it was...The shortest message from a long lost college friend. Made me laugh out loud and it was only about 5 words. :) SO - then I spent a long time (after trying to go back to bed) thinking about all that's happened to us in the last 2 years. Where we've been and how we've lost touch with MANY who at one time meant so much. It's wierd. It's like we checked out and everything kept happening around us and we didn't notice. BUT the good news is I think we're checking back in. Slowly but surely we're reconnecting, adventuring out into the 'social' world again. And it is good...:) SO old friends - FIND US! :) Or we'll find you! hehehe...
So yeah...I finally fell asleep, I don't even know what time it was...and I was up at the regular old time of 6:45...oy I am old and getting older.
Busy week this week - Final few days before the big wedding. Caleb asks everyday if today is the day to try on his tux. Levi asks everyday if Ike comes today...oy, what are they going to ask about when it's all over? :)
Seems totally wrong to blog and not add pics of the monkeys so here are two fairly new ones. Caleb from the soccer that just finished and Levi from our recent trip to the Omaha zoo...he's a character, can you tell?

Saturday, October 22

My hero...

Oh life with boys is never dull!

This evening we are SUPERHEROS! Runing as fast as they can from the superhero hideout (also known as Mommy and Daddy's bedroom) into the emergency situation (also known as the family room). But remember, super heros do not just run, no - they FLY! So of course they HAVE to end their chase by jumping off the 2 steps into the family room. over and over and over and over and over and'd think they would be getting tired, NOPE...They are STILL doing it! Their super hero attire is standard issue - dishtowels for capes. ;) Ah, to be young and full of energy again...think I can get them to put some of that SUPER ENERGY into helping me clean? I shall leave you tonight with a few pictures for your enjoyment...

Friday, October 21

Field trip to the fire station

Levi and I had the great fun of going with Caleb's begindergarten class to tour the fire station. What fun! Levi paid just as much attention as the 5 yr olds. Their favorite part was the fireman putting all his gear on so they knew that he wasn't scary. Getting to see INSIDE of an ambulance (SUPER funny to hear 13 different 5 yr olds pronunciation of Ambulance. ;)). They loved getting to shot the firehose. But I truthfully believe that they liked seeing the living quarters of the firemen the best. They couldn't believe how HUGE their refrigerator was (THREE DOORS!) and their enormous big screen TV and playstation (at this point I think MANY of the 5 yr old boys decided they would be firemen when they grew up!). And for sure the saddest part of the whole day was that they were NOT allowed to slide down the fireman's pole. But they did get suckers and fireman's hats on the way out.

Legos and Cowboy Boots...

Legos and Cowboy boots have taken over my life! :) The monkeys are obsessed with legos. They are everywhere. Right now I'm pretty sure there is a small pile or bucket of legos in almost every room in my house (including the bathroom!) IF you've never stepped on a Lego in the middle of the night you really missing out! Levi won't even play with the bigger duplos "those are for babies mommy - I'm not a baby!" Here are a couple of pictures of their creations. (Caleb is into the fake goofy smile these days can you tell?)

i is loving his new cowboy boots. He's been wearing them everywhere. Breakfast, with his jammies, to the store, to church, to pick up Caleb from school, to watch tv. He even wants to wear them to BED! Mean mommy that I am, I made him take them off! He is so proud of the fact that he can put them on and take them off all by himself. Even though they are on the wrong feet quite often. I think his new favorite saying is "I can do it mine own self MOM!"

He's going to be a cowboy for halloween. He can't wait. He even asked if he can wear them to the, no! SORRY! :) Caleb decided that he should be darth vader for halloween for school. OY! I'm not ready for a kid big enough to be interested in such things. BUT he picked the costume

Wednesday, October 19

First try...

Ok, here we are. My first attempt at such fancy schmancy computer stuff. :) We will see how it goes. I'm pretty sure most days I will not have anything of interest to the general public, but if you're interested in stories about my monkeys...I'll have enough to keep you busy for days!
Here they are at the pumpkin patch.

They were not thrilled at the idea of taking a break from the zip line, great big slide, pony rides and corn maze to take this picture, so this is the best one I got. We went to the patch in Nebraska with Drew and Michelle and their boys and it was only about 90 degrees that day. Not exactly fall like weather. :)

We're anxiously preparing for Cousin Fredel and Jason Thomas' wedding. Caleb is going to be the ring bearer. Levi is pretty sure that he's going to be a 'bearer' too, but he's not. We all have fancy new wedding clothes. BUT the search is still on for dress shoes for Levi. Shopping for boys clothes is a whole other post. grrr...I guess I'm just too picky.

Well, since I can hear the boys fighting over legos in the basement I guess that's all for now...I'll be back with more when I get a chance. :)